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Maximize capital market potentials with CTOL’s leading technology consultancy, navigating the financial ecosystem with data-driven strategies and cutting-edge solutions.

The Capital Markets are increasingly embracing digital transformation through fintech innovations across risk and trading, business process automation, and IT process automation. Notable trends include the integration of technology products into everyday workflows, cloud-based data analytics platforms, desktop interoperability software, and low-code/no-code development frameworks. The sector is leveraging corporate venture capital for fintech innovation investment, with investment banks leading the industry's fintech engagement, showcasing a global fintech innovation footprint spanning 31 countries and 85 cities.

Example Cases

Cloud Migration and Modernization

Migrating operations to the cloud, enhancing agility and reducing operational costs.

Digital Core Transformation

Redesign of the digital core, enabling real-time visibility into finance data, accelerating financial close, and improving process standardization for a capital market client.

Digitally Enabled Operating Models

Development of digitally enabled operating models to lower costs and enhance customer and employee experiences for sell-side leaders in capital markets.

Retail Investor Engagement

Development of technology-led innovation to engage retail investors effectively and finance transitions to low-carbon economies.

Blockchain for Cross-Border Transactions

Implementation of blockchain-based solutions to streamline cross-border payments, post-trade settlement, and regulatory reporting, reducing intermediaries and achieving geographical agnosticism.

Our Unique Services

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Digital Architecture Renewal
Revamping the data and application architecture to enhance digital capabilities and ensure relevance in the evolving capital markets landscape.
Blockchain Solutions for Cross-Border Payments
Implementing blockchain-based solutions to streamline cross-border payments, post-trade settlement, and regulatory reporting, reducing intermediaries and achieving geographical agnosticism.
Managing Market Volatility
Deploying advanced analytics and digital tools to better manage market volatility, mitigate risks, and optimize trading strategies.
Cost Reduction and Efficiency Optimization
Implementing automation and digital tools to cut costs, enhance operational efficiencies, and boost front-office productivity.
Pandemic Relief and Credit Crisis Management
Leveraging data analytics to create innovative product offerings for credit crisis management and pandemic relief, helping small and medium-sized businesses during financial hardships.
Navigating Commoditization Challenges
Addressing the challenges of commoditization through digital brand differentiation strategies, enhancing customer engagement, and exploring new market opportunities.

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SIFMA Ops 2024
Conference on accelerated settlement and mission-critical priorities post-T+1 implementation.
September 15-18, 2024
San Diego, USA,USA
GPC Conference 2024
Global Private Capital Conference connecting investors from various regions.
March 25-27, 2024
New York, NY, USA,USA
Capital Markets Day 2024
Temenos-hosted event discussing industry trends and showcasing solutions.
February 20, 2024
London, UK or virtually,UK
TCF 2024
Temenos Community Forum for thought leadership and industry trend discussions.
May 14-16, 2024
International Conference on Islamic Finance (ICIF)
Conference on Islamic finance covering various aspects and innovations.
April 19, 2024
Paris, France,France
Catalyst Cap Intro: Alternative Investing Funds – Summer
Event focusing on alternative investing, connecting investors and funds.
June 17, 2024
New York, USA,USA
International Conference on Corporate Finance and Capital Markets (ICCFCM)
Conference discussing trends and research in corporate finance and capital markets.
August 23, 2024
Rome, Italy,Italy
Catalyst Cap Intro: Alternative Investing Funds - Fall
Fall session of the Catalyst Cap Intro focusing on alternative investment funds.
September 16, 2024
New York, USA,USA
International Conference on Business, Banking and Finance (ICBBF)
Conference on business, banking, and finance with a global perspective.
April 15, 2024
Chengdu, China,China
International Conference on Islamic Finance and Stability (ICIFS)
Focus on Islamic finance's role in financial stability and development.
June 24, 2024
Nicosia, Cyprus,Cyprus

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