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Nurture health sector growth with CTOL’s premier technology consultancy, enhancing patient care and operational efficacy through digital health solutions.

The Health and Health Care industry is embracing digital transformation through advancements such as AI, Remote Patient Monitoring, Real-World Patient Engagement, Telehealth Services, and enhanced Security for Digital and Health Data. AI technologies are aiding in analyzing large data, making predictions, and providing decision support. Remote patient monitoring, aided by sensors and wearables, facilitates continuous care, especially for chronic disease patients. Real-world patient engagement through digital tools helps in better patient-centered care. Telehealth services provide remote healthcare, reducing the need for physical visits, while ensuring data security is becoming paramount with the increasing amount of health data generated.

Case Studies

One Medical and Mayo Clinic Implementation

Implementation of care models leveraging digital care to improve virtual healthcare delivery.

Virtual Care for Hypertension

Implementation of virtual care programs to manage and monitor hypertension in patients.

Telehealth for Telepsychiatry

Utilization of telehealth platforms to provide psychiatric care to patients remotely.

Telehealth for Teleneurology

Employing telehealth solutions to provide neurological consultations and follow-ups remotely.

Our Unique Services

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Operational Efficiency Enhancement
Optimize operational processes to manage the rising costs, addressing the acceleration in costs projected in the healthcare industry.
Digital Transformation Strategy
Accelerate digital transformation to meet the pace of innovation and address the accelerating digital transformation as noted by healthcare executives.
Labor Optimization and Training
Address the labor shortages by optimizing labor resources and providing training to bridge the gap of 200,000 to 450,000 registered nurses and 50,000 to 80,000 doctors.
Telehealth and Virtual Care Models
Implement telehealth and virtual care models to address patient expectations for receiving care how, when, and where they want.
Data Management and Analytics
Harness the increasing deluge of health data to gain actionable insights, improve patient care, and optimize operations.
Financial Sustainability Strategies
Develop strategies to address declining operating EBITDA margins and ensure financial sustainability in challenging market conditions.
Technology Adoption and Patient Experience Enhancement
Enhance patient experience by adopting latest technologies and digital tools to meet the changing healthcare experience and patient expectations.

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Upcoming Industry Events

2024 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
Brings together the investment community with global healthcare industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, and innovative technology creators.
January 8-11, 2024
San Francisco, CA, USA,USA
HLTH 2024
Focuses on personalized experiences, including networking, trend insights, and career advancement opportunities in the healthcare industry.
October 20-23, 2024
Las Vegas, NV, USA,USA
Digital Health Innovation Summit
Summit bringing together healthcare innovators and investors to discuss vital issues, with interactive panels and networking opportunities.
February 6-7, 2024
La Jolla, CA, USA,USA
ViVE 2024
An event focused on connecting providers and payers with technology and service solutions through structured, efficient meetings.
February 25-28, 2024
Los Angeles Convention Center, CA, USA,USA
HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition
A global gathering of health professionals aiming to harness a new era of information and technology in healthcare.
March 11-15, 2024
Orlando, FL, USA,USA
The go-to event for Medicare Advantage enthusiasts, covering a range of topics from risk adjustment to AI in healthcare.
March 17-19, 2024
Downtown Nashville, TN, USA,USA
International Healthcare Conference
A conference uniting experts to reimagine healthcare, spotlighting the latest developments and promoting networking.
March 18–20, 2024
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV, USA,USA
The industry’s most informative and essential virtual care event examining new realities, highlighting lessons learned and sharing actionable insights.
May 5-7, 2024
Phoenix, AZ, USA,USA
AMIA 2024 Clinical Informatics Conference
Features workshops and presentations to share technology innovations in healthcare.
May 21-23, 2024
Minneapolis, MN, USA,USA
2024 ASCO Annual Meeting
Features over 200 sessions complementing the theme - The Art and Science of Cancer Care: From Comfort to Cure.
May 31 - June 4, 2024
Chicago, IL, USA,USA

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