CTOL.Digital User News Submission Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to CTOL.Digital, where we are passionate about leveraging the power of citizen journalism to illuminate the world of business and technology. Our platform is open to all who wish to share news, insights, and updates with a global audience. Below, you'll find our guidelines designed to ensure a respectful, accurate, and legally compliant community-driven news outlet.

1. Submission Process All users are welcome to submit news articles for consideration at no cost. Submissions can be made either through our dedicated email address (hello@ctol.digital) or via our online submission form. We respect your privacy; thus, you have the option to submit news anonymously should you choose.

2. Fact-Checking and Publication Each submission will undergo a rigorous review by our proprietary fact-checking algorithm. This process determines the veracity of the information provided and decides on the suitability of the news for publication. The decision of the algorithm is final and not subject to external appeals.

3. No Compensation and Liability Submitters will not receive compensation for their contributions. CTOL.digital disclaims any legal liability arising from the publication of submitted news, including but not limited to copyright and defamation issues. By submitting, you acknowledge that the responsibility for legal compliance rests with you, the contributor.

4. Submission Guidelines To enhance the likelihood of publication, we recommend that submissions be concise (3-4 sentences) with a clear, descriptive headline. If your news references or is based on external sources, inclusion of the source link is mandatory for consideration.

5. AI Enhancement and Notification Selected submissions may be edited for clarity, adherence to our content policy, and stylistic consistency. Such edits will be performed by our AI, which also assists in generating a complimentary cover photo for each published piece. Contributors will be informed about the acceptance and publication of their submissions.

6. Copyright Violation In the event of a copyright violation claim, CTOL.digital reserves the right to remove the implicated content immediately from our platform. By submitting, you agree to cooperate fully in resolving any legal disputes that may arise from such claims. Should an email be identified as having submitted material that infringes upon copyright laws, that email address will be prohibited from making any further submissions to our platform.

7. Agreement to Rules By submitting your news to CTOL.digital, you agree to abide by these rules and contribute positively to the freedom of speech and the richness of journalism. Our goal is to foster a platform where accurate, timely, and impactful news can be shared and valued by a worldwide audience.

Together, let's build a vibrant and trustworthy space for business and technology news that empowers, informs, and connects our global community. Thank you for being a part of CTOL.digital.