Tragic Loss: 21-Year-Old Chinese Gamer Driven to Suicide After Manipulation by Girlfriend

Tragic Loss: 21-Year-Old Chinese Gamer Driven to Suicide After Manipulation by Girlfriend

Wei Dao Shi
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21-Year-Old Chinese Man Driven to Suicide by Girlfriend's Deception

In Chongqing, China, on April 11th, warm weather did little to thaw the coldness in one young man's heart. The 21-year-old, nicknamed "胖猫" (Fat Cat), had given up everything for his girlfriend but couldn't win her love back. In despair, he decided to end his life by jumping into a river. Before doing so, he transferred his last $9,000 to his girlfriend and ordered flowers from her shop as a final act of affection. Tragically, it was later revealed that his ex-girlfriend was a swindler.

"Fat Cat," a professional gamer born in 2003, had moved from Hunan to Chongqing for his girlfriend, a woman six years older than him. Despite only meeting her twice and sharing a single movie date, he believed in the relationship and sent her $70,761 over two years, playing games to earn money. Living frugally, he often skipped meals and subsisted on cheap takeout to maximize his savings for her.

The girlfriend emotionally manipulated "Fat Cat," criticizing his weight and exploiting his vulnerabilities. She convinced him to open a flower shop for her, often requesting money with various excuses. The relentless pressure led to health problems, with "Fat Cat" even coughing up blood. Despite this, he hesitated to seek medical help due to financial constraints. Heartbroken after their relationship ended, he transferred his remaining savings to her and ordered flowers before taking his life.

Netizens were deeply saddened by his death. As a tribute to "Fat Cat's" love for fast food, they placed burgers at the Chongqing bridge where he jumped. However, the delivered burgers were discovered to be empty boxes, and bubble tea contained only plain boiled water.

Chinese Female Influencer Earns $20M Annually by Selling "Swindler" Courses

A popular female Chinese influencer, Ququdanv***, has made a career out of advising women on exploiting men for financial gain. Her courses, which have reportedly earned her $19.7 million annually, teach women how to identify wealthy targets, manipulate them into buying houses and other luxuries, and even break into existing relationships. Her advice includes setting high financial demands, getting pregnant to secure wealth, and evaluating a man's "financial competence."

Despite being banned from Chinese social media in January 2024, she continues to promote her "gaslighting intelligence" courses on YouTube.

The Case of Su Xiangmao

Su Xiangmao, a Chinese software developer and businessman, took his life in 2017 after being manipulated by his ex-wife, Zhai Xinxin. He met her through a dating website and spent nearly $2 million on her during their short marriage. She demanded another $1.4 million and property after their divorce. Unable to bear the financial strain, Su jumped to his death.

The Beijing Chaoyang District People's Court later ordered Zhai to return the money and properties to Su's family. Zhai, arrested on extortion charges, is currently in a detention center as her case is under investigation.

Analysis: Why Swindling is Prevalent

  1. Sociocultural Factors:
    • Cultural Expectations: Traditional norms encourage women to secure financial stability through relationships.
    • Media Influence: Popular media often glamorizes materialism and transactional relationships.
  2. Economic Factors:
    • Income Inequality: Disparities in income can lead individuals to seek wealthier partners.
    • Limited Opportunities: Career barriers for women may push them to rely on relationships for security.
  3. Psychological Factors:
    • Narcissistic Traits: Narcissistic tendencies can lead to exploiting others for personal gain.
    • Early Childhood Experiences: Conditional love and material success in upbringing can affect relationship perspectives.
  4. Relationship Dynamics:
    • Transactional Relationships: Both parties may see relationships as transactional, leading to manipulative behaviors.
  5. Societal Pressures:
    • Family Expectations: Families may encourage women to seek wealthy partners for socioeconomic improvement.
    • Age Pressure: Societal pressure to marry early may prioritize economic stability.
  6. Legal and Regulatory Factors:
    • Legal Loopholes: Inadequate legal protections may facilitate swindling.
    • Enforcement Issues: Weak enforcement against fraud can encourage manipulative practices.

Consequences of Swindling

  1. Societal:
    • Erosion of trust between genders and reinforcement of stereotypes.
    • Increased interpersonal conflicts and social cynicism about relationships.
  2. Economic:
    • Misallocation of wealth and costly legal battles.
    • Discouragement of women's career growth, perpetuating economic dependence.
  3. Cultural and Psychological:
    • Materialistic values overshadowing traits like kindness and empathy.
    • Psychological trauma and financial hardship for the victims.

Did You Know?

On May 3, 2024, netizens ordered takeout to commemorate "Fat Cat" at the Chongqing bridge. Unfortunately, the delivered burgers were empty boxes, and the bubble tea contained only plain boiled water. The Chongqing government has stated it is investigating the incident.

If You Need Help, Please Reach Out

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts or emotional distress, remember that you are not alone, and help is available. Reach out to a trusted friend, family member, or mental health professional. In many countries, you can find support through local suicide prevention hotlines or organizations. In China, call 400-161-9995 for the Mental Health Center's hotline. For other regions, please locate your nearest helpline and speak to a trained professional who can provide the support you need. Seeking help is a sign of strength.

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