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ByteDance Extends Buyback Program for Non-US Employees
Google Introduces Android 15 Beta with Enhanced Productivity and Privacy Features
Wix Launches Wix Donations: Simplifying Fundraising for Non-Profits and Businesses
Google Cloud Next 24 Day 2: Breakthrough Products and AI Innovations
Amazon Ends Developer Payments for Alexa Apps
Italy's Digital Nomad Visa: A Remote Worker's Opportunity
Bitdefender Upgrades Digital Identity Protection for Gmail and Outlook Users
Bark Air: Luxury Pet Air Carrier Set to Redefine Travel Experience
Gen Z's Fascination with Glycine: A Viral Trend Reshaping the Amino Acid Industry
Volt Athletics Acquires ZAMA Health to Enhance Athlete Wellbeing
Google Cloud Next 2024: Unveiling Innovations in Cloud and AI Domains
Beeper Acquired by Automattic: What It Means for Messaging and Tech Industry
Uber Eats Introduces Short-Form Video Feed for Visual Food Exploration
TikTok to Launch TikTok Notes: A New Challenge for Instagram
Threads Developer API Launch by Meta: What You Need to Know
Apple's iMessage Facing Major Change in iOS 18 with Sunbird's Security Concerns
Apple's Move to Facilitate Alternative Payment Methods in EU Music Apps
Apple Allows Game Emulators and External Links in App Store Guidelines
TikTok Creative Challenge: From Skepticism to Lucrative Income Source
Rooms 2.0 Update: Exciting Features and Future Plans Revealed
WhatsApp Outage Leaves 2 Billion Users Unable to Send Messages: Meta's Response
EU iPhones to Welcome Alternative App Stores
Europe’s Emerging Third-Party iOS App Stores: A First Look
Apple's Online Services Experience Significant Outage
WhatsApp Faces Major Outage Hindering Message Services
X Appoints New Head of Safety Amid Ongoing Changes
Spotify Expands Free Audiobooks Benefit to Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand
The Infinite Dial 2024 Survey Reveals Accelerated Growth in Podcast Listening
Providence Health Tech Incubator Spinout Praia Health Secures $20M Funding
Pirate Software Sets New Twitch Hype Train World Record
Jon Stewart's Dispute with Apple Over Podcast Interview
AltStore: New EU App Store with Patreon-Supported Apps
Google Podcasts Shutdown: Transition to YouTube Music
TikTok Introduces Dedicated STEM Feed for Europe
Microsoft Removes Teams from Office Bundle
WhatsApp Enhances Person-to-Person Payments with UPI QR Codes
Instagram Introduces Private 'Blend' Feature for Shared Reels
Google's Gemini in Messages Security Warning: What You Need to Know
Introducing Palmsy: The Anti-Social Social Media App
TikTok Becomes Highest-Earning App for 15th Consecutive Month
Xsolla's Strategies for Mobile Game Monetization Growth
Instagram's New 'Blend' Feature: Personalized Reels for You and a Friend
Controversial Film 'Oppenheimer' Premieres in Japan After Global Backlash
Canva's Pledge to Affinity Users and Perpetual License
LinkedIn Joins the TikTok-Like Video Feed Trend
Marissa Mayer Launches 'Shine' Photo-Sharing App
Protect Your Trip with WeatherPromise Guarantee
StaFi Introduces Liquid Staking Service on Testnet, Prepares for StaFi 2.0 Upgrade
Tencent's Creative Studios Develop Mobile Games Inspired by Palworld
Spain Halts Temporary Ban on Telegram Amid Public Outcry
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