Abu Dhabi's Lunate Takes Over G42's China-Focused Fund

Abu Dhabi's Lunate Takes Over G42's China-Focused Fund

Nikolai Vasilev
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Abu Dhabi's Lunate Takes Over Management of G42's China-Focused Fund

Abu Dhabi's new investment vehicle, Lunate, has assumed control of G42's China-focused fund, 42XFund, which holds stakes in Chinese tech giants like ByteDance and JD.com. Lunate, a subsidiary of the UAE's largest listed conglomerate, International Holding Co. (IHC), is chaired by a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family. This development follows G42's decision to divest from China after discussions with the US Commerce Department, in an effort to counter Beijing's tech dominance. However, Lunate's involvement raises questions about its alignment with US strategic goals, particularly in light of concerns in Washington about G42's ongoing connections to China. Microsoft's $1.5 billion investment in G42 is part of the Biden administration's efforts to bolster US tech influence globally. Although Lunate has been active in investments and acquisitions, the specific terms of G42's divestment from China remain unclear.

Key Takeaways

  • Abu Dhabi's Lunate now manages G42's China-focused fund, 42XFund, with stakes in Chinese tech giants.
  • Lunate intends to hire a small team to oversee the 42XFund's operations.
  • G42's decision to divest from China aligns with the US Commerce Department's directives.
  • Microsoft's substantial investment in G42 is aimed at challenging China's tech influence.
  • Lunate's involvement raises concerns about its alignment with US strategic goals.


The transfer of G42's China-focused fund management to Abu Dhabi's Lunate adds complexity to the US-China tech rivalry. This development is directly influenced by the pressure on G42 and Microsoft's strategic investment. In the short-term, US tech influence may diminish while China's tech giants undergo management transitions. In the long-term, uncertainty persists regarding Lunate's alignment with US goals, potentially impacting global tech dynamics. Financial instruments linked to G42 and IHC could experience volatility.

Did You Know?

  • Lunate:
    • Lunate, an investment vehicle established by Abu Dhabi, is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It recently assumed management of G42's China-focused fund, 42XFund. As a subsidiary of International Holding Co. (IHC), the largest listed conglomerate in the UAE, Lunate is chaired by a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family. This strategic move reflects Abu Dhabi's expanding interest and involvement in global tech investments, particularly in managing assets formerly under G42's portfolio.
  • G42:
    • G42, a technology company within the same conglomerate as Lunate under International Holding Co. (IHC), has been engaged in various tech ventures, with significant investments in China. However, strategic discussions with the US Commerce Department prompted G42 to divest from China, aligning with US strategic interests to counter Beijing's tech dominance. This decision resulted in the transfer of its China-focused fund management to Lunate, highlighting the intricate geopolitical dynamics influencing global tech investments.
  • 42XFund:
    • The 42XFund, a China-focused investment fund previously managed by G42, holds stakes in major Chinese tech companies such as ByteDance and JD.com. Its management has now been entrusted to Lunate, based in Abu Dhabi. This transition underscores the evolving landscape of tech investments in China, influenced by regional economic strategies and international geopolitical considerations. The fund's trajectory under Lunate's management will be closely monitored due to the significance of its holdings and the broader implications for tech investment trends in the region.

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