Algeria-Italian Partnership for Agricultural Expansion

Algeria-Italian Partnership for Agricultural Expansion

Giovanni Rossi
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Algeria and Italy Collaborate to Boost Agricultural Development

Algeria has entered into a partnership with Italian firm Bonifiche Ferraresi SpA to undertake a significant agricultural project aimed at enhancing food security. The deal, valued at €420 million ($455 million), will involve the dedication of 36,000 hectares in the south-central Algerian state of Timimoune to the cultivation of wheat, beans, and other crops. This initiative, set to commence this year, forms part of a broader strategy to achieve self-sufficiency in key crops. Algeria's investment fund will cover 49% of the funding, with the Italian company providing the rest. Additionally, Agriculture Minister Youcef Cherfa revealed plans to reclaim 500,000 hectares in the south over the next three years, with the aim of increasing grain-farming areas by 18%. This move resonates with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's €5.5 billion investment plan to strengthen ties with Africa, focusing on energy and migration control. In Canada, however, the unemployment rate rose to 6.4% in June, marking the highest level in over two years and potentially supporting further interest rate cuts by the Bank of Canada.

Key Takeaways

  • Algeria and Bonifiche Ferraresi SpA sign €420 million deal for agricultural development.
  • 36,000 hectares in Timimoune allocated for wheat, beans, and other produce.
  • Algeria’s investment fund contributes 49% of project funding.
  • Algeria aims to boost food self-sufficiency through this initiative.
  • Italian PM Meloni plans over €5.5 billion investment in Africa to strengthen ties.


The partnership between Algeria and Bonifiche Ferraresi SpA serves to bolster food security, impacting local and Italian economies. The €420 million project, funded 49% by Algeria, aims for self-sufficiency in key crops, reducing import reliance. This aligns with Italy's broader strategy to deepen economic ties with Africa, focusing on energy and migration. The initiative could stabilize food prices and enhance agricultural exports, indirectly affecting global markets and Canadian economic policies, considering recent unemployment spikes there. Long-term, this collaboration could reshape Algeria's agricultural landscape and Italy's investment strategies in Africa.

Did You Know?

  • Bonifiche Ferraresi SpA:
    • Bonifiche Ferraresi SpA is an Italian company specializing in land reclamation and agricultural development, known for managing large-scale agricultural projects, particularly in Italy's Po Valley, the primary agricultural region. The company's expertise includes soil management, irrigation systems, and crop cultivation techniques, making it a strategic partner for Algeria's ambitious agricultural project aimed at enhancing food security.
  • Algeria's Investment Fund:
    • Algeria's Investment Fund refers to a state-owned financial institution responsible for managing investments on behalf of the Algerian government. This fund is vital for allocating and managing public funds to support strategic national projects, including infrastructure, energy, and agriculture. In the context of this agricultural development project, the Investment Fund is contributing 49% of the total funding, reflecting the government's commitment to achieving self-sufficiency in key crops and diversifying the economy.
  • Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's €5.5 billion investment plan:
    • Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's €5.5 billion investment plan is a strategic initiative aimed at strengthening Italy's economic and political ties with Africa, focusing on energy, migration control, and infrastructure development. By investing in these sectors, Italy aims to enhance its influence in Africa, create economic opportunities, and address migration challenges. The agricultural project with Algeria is part of this broader strategy, demonstrating Italy's commitment to supporting sustainable development in African countries.

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