Altor Acquires Majority Stake in Crisis Management Software F24

Altor Acquires Majority Stake in Crisis Management Software F24

Lars Jensen
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Altor Acquires Majority Stake in F24, Boosting Europe's Buyout Market

Private equity firm Altor's recent agreement to purchase a majority stake in F24, a crisis management and business resilience software provider, signals a positive momentum for Europe's buyout market. This move involves Hg retaining a minority share in F24, and F24’s management reinvesting in the company. The partnership aims to drive F24's growth and venture into new markets. Altor expressed enthusiasm about driving F24's expansion, both organically and through potential acquisitions across Europe. This acquisition aligns with a robust week for global buyouts, amounting to over $30 billion, indicating a revival in mergers and acquisitions after a slow start to the year. Notably, Germany’s M&A activity has been down by about 45% year-to-date. Founded in 2000 in Munich, F24 serves over 5,200 customers worldwide with solutions covering emergency notifications, governance, risk, and compliance.

Key Takeaways

  • Altor acquires majority stake in F24, a crisis management software provider.
  • Hg retains a minority holding, and F24 management reinvest in the company.
  • Altor focuses on accelerating F24's growth and expanding into new markets.
  • Private equity buyouts hit over $30 billion last week, signaling market recovery.
  • F24, founded in 2000, serves over 5,200 customers globally with diverse software solutions.


Altor's acquisition of F24 aims to capitalize on Europe's resurgent buyout market, potentially influencing its 5,200 global clients and competitors. Hg's retained stake and F24 management's reinvestment indicate confidence in future growth. The success of this deal hinges on Altor's ability to integrate acquisitions and penetrate new markets, potentially impacting Germany's lagging M&A activity. In the short term, F24's market position strengthens, while in the long term, its resilience software could redefine crisis management standards, reshaping industry dynamics.

Did You Know?

  • Private Equity Buyouts:
    • Private equity buyouts involve a firm purchasing a controlling interest in another company, often with the aim of restructuring or improving its operations for a future sale or public offering. This strategy is typically used to unlock hidden value or turn around underperforming businesses.
  • Crisis Management and Business Resilience Software:
    • This type of software is designed to help organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from various types of crises, such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or operational disruptions. It often includes features like emergency notification systems, risk assessment tools, and compliance management, which are crucial for maintaining business continuity.
  • Hg:
    • Hg is a private equity firm specializing in the software and services sectors. It is known for its investments in technology companies and has a track record of helping its portfolio companies grow and expand. In the context of this news, Hg is transitioning from a majority shareholder to a minority shareholder in F24, indicating a strategic decision to allow another firm, Altor, to lead the next phase of growth.

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