AMD Reports Q1 Earnings Beat with Mixed Reaction from Investors

AMD Reports Q1 Earnings Beat with Mixed Reaction from Investors

Adriana Martinez
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AMD Q1 Earnings Report: Revenue Slightly Beats Expectations, Shares Still Drop

AMD's first-quarter earnings report revealed a slight beat on revenue and EPS, yet the company experienced a 7% drop in shares during extended trading. Despite this, AMD displayed notable growth in several segments, such as the Data Center and client segments, while also forecasting a surge in AI chip sales. The gaming and embedded segments, however, faced significant declines which impacted overall investor sentiment.

Key Takeaways

  • AMD's Q1 earnings and sales slightly exceeded expectations, yet shares dropped by 7% in extended trading
  • The Data Center segment saw an 80% YoY growth to reach $2.3 billion, driven by sales of its MI300 series AI chips
  • AMD has revised its 2024 AI chip sales forecast to $4 billion, up from the previous $3.5 billion prediction
  • The gaming segment experienced a notable 48% YoY decline to $922 million, affecting console and PC chip sales and impacting overall performance
  • Embedded segment sales fell by 46% YoY to $846 million, missing Wall Street expectations


The drop in AMD's shares, despite surpassing revenue and EPS projections, reflects investor apprehension towards the weak performance of the gaming and embedded segments. The drastic decline in gaming revenue, influencing console and PC chip sales, may be attributed to supply chain complications or shifting consumer demands. Furthermore, the decreased sales in the embedded segment, stemming from the acquisition of Xilinx, signals potential integration challenges. Despite these setbacks, AMD's positive outlook includes a 6% YoY revenue growth for Q2 and a substantial 80% surge in Data Center sales, driven by AI chips, with an upwardly revised $4 billion revenue forecast for 2024. Notably, major organizations such as Microsoft, Meta, and Oracle have adopted AMD's AI chips, influencing their respective operations and performance.

Did You Know?

  • Data Center Segment Growth and MI300 Series AI Chips: AMD's Data Center segment expanded by 80% YoY, reaching $2.3 billion, largely due to the success of its MI300 series AI chips. These specialized chips are tailored for AI applications and have gained substantial traction among leading companies like Microsoft, Meta, and Oracle.
  • AI Chip Sales Forecast: AMD has raised its AI chip sales forecast for 2024 from $3.5 billion to $4 billion, indicating heightened demand for its AI-focused offerings in the near future. This adjustment suggests an expanded market share for AMD in the increasingly competitive AI chip market as AI adoption continues to grow.
  • Gaming Segment Decline and Console/PC Chip Sales: The 48% YoY decline in the gaming segment, down to $922 million, has directly impacted console and PC chip sales. This decline could be attributed to factors such as component shortages, supply chain disruptions, and changing consumer spending habits due to the ongoing pandemic. It is essential to note that the gaming segment remains pivotal for AMD, and this downturn may represent a temporary challenge or a return to pre-pandemic performance levels.

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