Apple Apologizes for Controversial 'Crush!' Ad

Apple Apologizes for Controversial 'Crush!' Ad

Ekaterina Petrovna
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Apple Faces Backlash and Apologizes for Controversial "Crush!" Ad

Apple has issued an apology following the backlash to their recent "Crush!" ad for the iPad Pro. The ad, which showcased a hydraulic press destroying various items, faced criticism from creators and others who found it distasteful. Apple, known for its emphasis on creativity, has since removed the ad and apologized for any offense caused. The tech giant recently released the iPad Pro, touting it as the "thinnest" and "most powerful" yet.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple released a controversial ad for the iPad Pro, "Crush!"
  • Ad depicted a hydraulic press crushing various objects to showcase iPad Pro's design.
  • Criticism from creators and others led to Apple's apology.
  • Ad highlighted iPad Pro as "thinnest" and "most powerful" device.
  • Apple's commitment to creativity questioned through the ad's approach.


Apple's apology over the "Crush!" ad highlights a rare misstep, potentially damaging its creativity-focused brand image. The controversial ad, showcasing a hydraulic press destroying objects, faced criticism, leading to its removal. This incident may impact Apple's relationship with creators, a crucial demographic for iPad Pro sales.

In the short term, Apple may face a decline in sales and trust from creators, affecting their bottom line and market reputation. Long-term consequences might include a re-evaluation of their marketing strategies, focusing on damage control and rebuilding the lost trust.

Governments and organizations promoting ethical advertising might scrutinize Apple's practices. Financial instruments like Apple stocks could see a temporary dip due to this incident before recovering. In the world of tech, where brand identity is paramount, Apple's misstep with the "Crush!" ad will likely serve as a valuable lesson in maintaining a consistent, positive brand image.

Did You Know?

  • Hydraulic Press: A hydraulic press is a machine that uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force. It operates based on the principle of fluid mechanics, where force applied to a small area can generate a larger force when transmitted through a fluid-filled medium. In Apple's "Crush!" ad, a hydraulic press was used to crush various objects, intending to highlight the durability and design of the iPad Pro.
  • iPad Pro: The iPad Pro is Apple's line of professional-grade tablets, designed for productivity and creativity. Apple markets it as a device suitable for various tasks, including content creation, design, and development. The latest models are touted as the "thinnest" and "most powerful" yet, showcasing Apple's commitment to innovation and performance in their mobile devices.
  • Backlash and Apology: The "Crush!" ad faced criticism from various groups, including creators, who found it distasteful due to its destructive nature. Apple, known for its emphasis on creativity and innovation, faced backlash for the ad's approach. After the criticism, Apple removed the ad and issued an apology, acknowledging any offense caused and reaffirming their commitment to supporting creativity in their products and marketing efforts.

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