Apple Explores Development of Home Robots After Self-Driving Car Project Halt

Apple Explores Development of Home Robots After Self-Driving Car Project Halt

Kazuki Matsuda
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Apple Explores Home Robots as Next Major Product

Apple is reportedly delving into the development of home robots following the termination of its self-driving car project. It is said to be working on a mobile robot that can track users and a smart display robot that mimics a person's head movement. The company has been navigating through various challenges and controversial decisions in recent times, including declining iPhone sales in China and regular regulatory issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apple is exploring the creation of home robots after halting its self-driving car project.
  • The project involves a mobile robot that can follow users and a smart display robot to mimic head movements.
  • The company has faced several setbacks, including declining iPhone sales and regulatory fines, leading to a shift in focus towards AI products.


The move to develop home robots could be an attempt by Apple to regain its innovative edge amidst increasing competition. The company's exploration of robotics dates back to 2019, with its efforts now focusing on domestic products following the departure of a key executive.

Do You Know?

  • The Roomba is a popular autonomous vacuum cleaner created by iRobot that Amazon attempted to acquire in 2022.
  • Apple's latest non-robotic launch, the Vision Pro, has received mixed reviews.

Disclaimer: This report is based on information from undisclosed sources and has not been confirmed by Apple.

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