Apple Faces Monopoly Lawsuit Over Walled Garden Practices

Maksimilian Petrovich Voloshyn
1 min read

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The US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Apple for its restrictive practices, particularly regarding messaging, smartwatches, and digital wallets. The lawsuit alleges that these measures make it incredibly difficult for iPhone users to switch to other platforms, thus limiting competition. Apple's policies with messaging, smartwatches, and digital wallets are scrutinized, revealing how they impede user freedom and stifle competition. The lawsuit raises concerns about market monopolization and aims to hold Apple accountable for its anti-competitive behavior. Apple's defense emphasizes privacy and security as the motives behind these policies, but the lawsuit highlights the detrimental impact on consumer choice and competitive markets. As the legal battle unfolds, the effectiveness of Apple's walled garden approach may face potential transformation.

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