Apple Unveils M4 iPad Pro with 23% AI Performance Boost

Apple Unveils M4 iPad Pro with 23% AI Performance Boost

Carmen Aguilar
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Apple Unveils M4 iPad Pro with 23% AI Performance Boost

Apple's latest reveal at the 'Let Loose' event, the M4 iPad Pro, has demonstrated a notable 23% improvement in AI performance compared to its predecessor, the M2 iPad Pro, as per leaked Geekbench benchmarks. The M4 chip showcases a 10% increase in performance over the M3's ML 0.6.0 and is 5% faster than the M3 in the latest MacBook Pro. Anticipated software updates at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) further enhance the potential for Apple to make significant strides in the AI realm.

Key Takeaways

  • The new M4 iPad Pro exhibits a 23% enhancement in machine learning performance compared to the M2 iPad Pro, according to leaked Geekbench benchmarks.
  • The M4 chip showcases a roughly 10% improvement over the M3 chip’s ML 0.6.0 performance and is approximately 5% faster than the M3 in terms of operations per second.
  • The benchmarks suggest that the device under evaluation is an unreleased iPad Pro featuring a 10-core ARM chip and 16GB of memory, running iOS 18.
  • Apple's WWDC on June 10 is expected to highlight the M4 chip’s AI capabilities, with machine learning integrated into nearly all aspects of Apple's devices.
  • With the fusion of the M4 chip’s AI advancements and the upcoming iOS 18 updates, Apple could emerge as a formidable contender in the realm of artificial intelligence.


The introduction of the M4 iPad Pro, boasting a 23% AI performance enhancement, positions Apple as a substantial force in the AI domain. This development could prompt tech firms specializing in AI to enhance their own offerings. The M4's advanced capabilities, to be showcased at WWDC, might pave the way for widespread AI integration in Apple devices, potentially disrupting the market. Strong tech sectors in countries like the US and China may witness economic shifts as their companies adapt to this evolving landscape. Furthermore, the M4's impact on AI could influence venture capital, leading investors to scrutinize AI-related startups more closely. It is imperative to consider that the long-term implications will hinge on how effectively Apple can leverage this advantage and respond to competitors' strategies.

Did You Know?

  • M4 Chip: Apple's latest chip, tailored for the iPad Pro series, has demonstrated a 23% AI performance improvement in contrast to the M2 chip, along with a 10% boost over the M3's ML 0.6.0 performance. Furthermore, it boasts approximately 5% faster operations per second than the M3.

  • Geekbench Benchmarks: A cross-platform benchmark utilized to evaluate system performance through various tests. In this instance, it unveiled a 23% enhancement in machine learning performance for the M4 chip compared to the M2 iPad Pro.

  • WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference): Apple's annual event showcasing their latest software and technologies to developers. This year, the M4 chip's AI capabilities are expected to take center stage, with machine learning integrated extensively into Apple's devices. Coupled with the M4 chip's AI prowess, updates in iOS 18 could position Apple as a formidable player in the artificial intelligence arena.

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