Archegos Founder Convicted in Manhattan Court

Archegos Founder Convicted in Manhattan Court

Rafaela Costa
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Bill Hwang Convicted of Fraud and Market Manipulation

On July 9, 2024, Sung Kook "Bill" Hwang, the founder of private investment firm Archegos, was found guilty in a Manhattan federal court on 10 of 11 criminal counts, including fraud and market manipulation. His deputy, Patrick Halligan, also faced three counts and was convicted on all of them. The convictions are related to the 2021 collapse of Archegos, which, at its peak, managed $36 billion and had $160 billion in equity exposure. Prosecutors alleged that Hwang and Halligan misled banks to obtain billions, artificially inflating stock prices of multiple companies, leading to significant losses for global banks and shareholders. Both defendants pleaded not guilty and may face potential sentences of up to 20 years in prison, with the actual sentences likely to be lower. The trial shed light on the extensive impact of the Archegos collapse on Wall Street and global financial markets, attracting regulatory attention worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • Bill Hwang convicted on 10 of 11 counts, including fraud and market manipulation.
  • Archegos' collapse caused over $100 billion in shareholder losses and $10 billion in bank losses.
  • Hwang and deputy Patrick Halligan face up to 20 years in prison for each conviction.
  • Prosecutors accused Hwang of deceiving banks to artificially inflate stock prices.
  • Trial highlighted aggressive trading tactics and their impact on financial markets.


The fraudulent practices and market manipulation that led to the Archegos collapse had a severe impact on global banks and shareholders, prompting regulatory scrutiny. Short-term, banks are expected to undergo restructuring and capital adjustments, while long-term, increased regulations may curtail aggressive trading tactics. The convictions of Hwang and Halligan signal a tightening of market oversight, likely influencing future investment strategies and compliance standards.

Did You Know?

  • Archegos Capital Management:
    • A private investment firm founded by Sung Kook "Bill" Hwang.
    • Known for its high-stakes trading strategies and significant equity exposure.
    • The firm's collapse in 2021 had a ripple effect on global financial markets, leading to substantial losses for banks and shareholders.
  • Market Manipulation:
    • Deliberate actions to control or influence the price of securities in the market.
    • In the case of Archegos, prosecutors alleged that Hwang misled banks to obtain billions, artificially inflating stock prices of multiple companies.
    • Such actions can destabilize markets and result in significant financial losses for other market participants.
  • Equity Exposure:
    • The total value of equity investments held by an investment firm or individual.
    • Archegos had $160 billion in equity exposure at its peak, indicating the scale of its investments in various companies.
    • High equity exposure can amplify both gains and losses, making the firm vulnerable to market downturns.

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