Archer Secures FAA Certification for Revolutionary Air Taxis

Archer Secures FAA Certification for Revolutionary Air Taxis

Héloïse Devereaux
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Archer Secures FAA Certification for Revolutionary Air Taxis

Archer, a California-based company with a valuation of $1 billion, has achieved a major milestone by obtaining a Part 135 air carrier and operator certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs), also known as air taxis. This certification is a significant step forward in the company's efforts to transform urban transportation by offering a 10-minute flight alternative to hour-long commutes. The projected cost per seat is approximately $100, and the company aims to facilitate ride-share services between city centers and airports. While the necessary FAA certificate has been secured, the flagship aircraft, named Midnight, is awaiting its own certification. Notably, United Airlines has expressed strong support for Midnight, having placed a $1 billion order in 2021, and is looking forward to introducing safe, sustainable, and low-noise air taxi services. Archer is on track to commence commercial flights next year, following the path of other eVTOL companies like Joby Aviation.

Key Takeaways

  • Archer receives FAA Part 135 certificate, crucial for operating eVTOL air taxis.
  • Company aims to replace hour-long commutes with 10-minute flights.
  • CEO estimates a seat on Archer's aircraft will cost around $100.
  • United Airlines has invested $1 billion in Archer's flagship aircraft, Midnight.
  • Archer plans to debut commercial flights next year, following Joby Aviation.


Archer's FAA certification signifies a decisive moment for the eVTOL industry, with the potential to disrupt urban transport. Immediate beneficiaries include United Airlines, positioned to offer innovative travel options, and urban commuters seeking time-saving alternatives. In the long term, this development could redefine city infrastructure and impact real estate values near eVTOL hubs. However, challenges such as Midnight's certification and public acceptance of air taxis remain. Market dynamics will be shaped by consumer adoption rates and regulatory responses, ultimately influencing the future of urban mobility.

Did You Know?

  • eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft): These aircraft utilize electric power for vertical take-off and landing, similar to helicopters but with the efficiency and sustainability of electric motors. They are designed to operate as air taxis, providing a quieter, more environmentally friendly mode of urban transportation.
  • Part 135 Air Carrier and Operator Certificate: This certification, issued by the FAA, allows a company to operate as an air carrier, providing on-demand air transportation services. For eVTOL companies such as Archer, obtaining this certificate is crucial as it legally authorizes them to operate their aircraft commercially.
  • Joby Aviation: A pioneering company in the eVTOL space, Joby Aviation serves as a benchmark for other companies entering the market. It has developed its own eVTOL aircraft and has made significant strides in the certification and commercialization processes, serving as a model for companies like Archer following in its footsteps.

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