Asia Stocks Set to Decline Amid Speculation of Prolonged Higher Interest Rates

Elena Di Francesco
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What Happened:

Stocks in Asia are expected to decline following Wall Street's decrease, after positive economic data and a surge in commodities raised speculation about prolonged higher interest rates by major central banks. The US job openings and factory goods orders data exceeded expectations, leading to doubt about the Federal Reserve's approach to easing, resulting in lower projected rate cuts for 2024 and pushing 10-year yields to levels not seen since November. Consequently, this impacted US stocks, which had previously disregarded the repricing of central-bank expectations due to a strong rally.

Key Takeaways:

  • Futures for equity benchmarks in Japan and Australia are set to decline, as are those for Hong Kong.
  • The better-than-estimated US job openings and factory goods orders data has caused skepticism about the pace of Federal Reserve easing.
  • Traders are now projecting fewer rate cuts in 2024 than the central bank itself.
  • This situation has led to 10-year yields reaching their highest levels since November, subsequently affecting US stocks.


The positive economic readings and rally in commodities have led to increased speculation about major central banks maintaining higher interest rates for a longer duration. The resulting doubt about the Federal Reserve's easing approach and lowered projected rate cuts for 2024 suggest a shift in market sentiment towards a more cautious outlook. This shift is likely to impact investment decisions and market volatility in the near term.

Do You Know?:

  • Federal Reserve Easing: Refers to the process by which the Federal Reserve implements monetary policy through open market operations, setting interest rates, and adjusting the reserve requirement.
  • 10-Year Yields: The yield on the 10-year Treasury note, which serves as a benchmark for long-term interest rates.

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