Asian Credit Markets Soar: $1.3 Trillion Bond Issuance

Asian Credit Markets Soar: $1.3 Trillion Bond Issuance

Yoshiro Tanaka
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Asian Corporate Bond Issuance Reaches Record High of $1.3 Trillion

Asian credit markets are abuzz with a remarkable surge in corporate bond issuance, reaching a staggering $1.3 trillion this year. Notably, the region has witnessed the highest first-half sales of local-currency debt, marking a significant milestone. This week alone has recorded the busiest period for dollar bond issuance in 17 months, encompassing both corporate and government bonds.

Key Takeaways

  • Asian credit markets are witnessing a historic surge, with $1.3 trillion in corporate bond issuance this year.
  • The first half has seen an unprecedented level of local-currency debt sales.
  • The recent week marked the busiest period for dollar bond issuance in 17 months, covering both corporate and government bonds.
  • Asia's debt market activity stands out globally amidst a wave of high debt deals.


The surge in Asian corporate bond issuance, amounting to $1.3 trillion, is attributed to robust economic growth and heightened investor appetite for higher yields. While this trend benefits issuers by lowering borrowing costs and enhancing liquidity, it raises concerns about debt sustainability, particularly for less creditworthy entities. In the short term, investors stand to gain from diversified portfolios; however, the long-term implications of elevated debt levels could strain economies, ultimately impacting global financial stability. Noteworthy affected parties include bond underwriters, regional central banks, and international investors.

Did You Know?

  • Asian credit markets: These are the financial markets in Asia that facilitate the borrowing and lending of money through the issuance and trading of debt securities, such as bonds. The recent surge in corporate bond issuance in the region reflects a substantial demand for capital and a thriving financial environment.
  • Corporate bond issuance: This refers to the process through which companies raise capital by selling bonds to investors. The $1.3 trillion in corporate bond issuance in Asia this year underscores significant financial activities and investment opportunities in the region.
  • Local-currency debt sales: These transactions involve the issuance of debt securities denominated in the local currency of a country. They are crucial for domestic financing and can mitigate currency risk for local investors. The record high in local-currency debt sales in Asia's first half signals robust domestic demand and economic activity.

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