ASML Holding NV Surpasses LVMH to Become Europe's Second-Largest Listed Company

ASML Holding NV Surpasses LVMH to Become Europe's Second-Largest Listed Company

Eloise Dubois
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ASML Holding NV Surpasses LVMH to Become Europe's Second-Largest Listed Company

ASML Holding NV has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing LVMH to become Europe's second-largest listed company, with a market value of €377 billion. The surge in ASML's shares by 8.1% was triggered by robust demand from TSMC, its leading client, for its high-NA EUV machines, each priced at €350 million. Conversely, concerns over declining luxury sales in China and the US have led to underperformance in French stocks, particularly those in the CAC 40 index, impacting companies like LVMH. Additionally, the European Central Bank's easing measures are steering a shift towards defensive sectors such as healthcare, while utilities and real estate are trailing behind. Analysts are anticipating a gradual rotation towards defensive investments as bond yields peak and valuations become more appealing.

Key Takeawaysa

  • ASML's shares surged 8.1% to reach a market value of €377 billion, surpassing LVMH, driven by strong demand from TSMC for its high-NA EUV machines.
  • French stocks, especially those in the CAC 40 index, are witnessing underperformance, with luxury stocks like LVMH experiencing a decline due to concerns about slowing sales in China and the US.
  • There is an expected shift towards defensive sectors as a result of the ECB's easing measures, with healthcare gaining traction while utilities and real estate are lagging.
  • ASML's high-NA EUV machine, priced at €350 million, is slated for delivery to TSMC by the end of the year, bolstering ASML's market value.
  • Luxury stocks, representing over 15% of the CAC 40, have shown a marginal rebound in June but still trail behind the AI-led rally in tech stocks.


ASML's remarkable ascent, fueled by TSMC's demand for advanced EUV machines, demonstrates a tech sector boom within a broader market trend favoring defensive investments. This surge stands in stark contrast to the decline in the luxury sector, significantly impacting French stocks and LVMH due to weakening sales in China and the US. The ECB's easing policies are accelerating this shift, with healthcare gaining preference over utilities and real estate. In the short term, ASML's growth is expected to continue, driven by its forthcoming high-NA EUV deliveries, while luxury stocks may encounter challenges. Over the long run, this trend could cement ASML's dominance and reshape the dynamics of the European market, with tech and healthcare taking precedence over traditional sectors.

Did You Know?

  • ASML Holding NV: A prominent Dutch company that specializes in providing photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry, crucial for manufacturing integrated circuits (chips). ASML stands for Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography.
  • High-NA EUV Machines: These advanced photolithography tools are vital for producing state-of-the-art microprocessors, allowing for the development of smaller, more efficient, and more powerful chips by enabling finer patterning on silicon wafers.
  • CAC 40 Index: A significant benchmark in the French stock market, representing a capitalization-weighted measure of the 40 most substantial values among the highest market caps on the Euronext Paris exchange, often used as an indicator of the health of the French economy and the European stock market.

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