Aventuur Receives Approval for New Zealand Surf Park and Data Center

Aventuur Receives Approval for New Zealand Surf Park and Data Center

Elena Costa
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Aventuur to Develop Sustainable Surf Park in New Zealand

US-based Aventuur has been granted approval to establish a surf park in New Zealand, set to feature a surf lagoon and a data center operated by Spark New Zealand. This innovative project, situated at Dairy Flat north of Auckland, will also incorporate a solar farm to power the entire site. The Environmental Protection Agency's panel has given consent to AW Holdings 2021, a company primarily owned by Aventuur. The development is projected to infuse NZ$374 million into the economy during construction and generate a total impact of NZ$630 million on business activity in Auckland over a span of six years. Aventuur, established in 2019, is also working on similar ventures globally, including one in Perth, Australia. Notably, the Auckland project is set to harness the heat from the data center to keep the surf lagoon warm, potentially allowing year-round usability.

Key Takeaways

  • Aventuur, a US-based company, is approved to develop a surf park in New Zealand, featuring a sustainable approach with year-round warm waves facilitated by the nearby data center's heat.
  • The project encompasses a surf lagoon, a data center operated by Spark New Zealand, and a solar farm for on-site power generation.
  • The economic impact of the project is estimated at NZ$630 million over six years, with NZ$374 million directly injected from the construction phase.
  • Aventuur holds exclusive rights to deploy wave-making technology in North America and Singapore.
  • The project will include a surf academy, accommodation, and visitor facilities spread across 43 hectares of farmland.


Aventuur's initiative to establish a sustainable surf park in New Zealand, integrating a data center and a solar farm, underscores a move towards eco-friendly entertainment. The projected economic boost of NZ$630 million is poised to benefit Auckland's economy, especially within the construction and tourism sectors. Leveraging data center heat for year-round surfing not only enhances operational efficiency but also exemplifies a commitment to sustainability. This endeavor has the potential to inspire similar environmentally conscious projects worldwide, with implications for real estate, technology, and leisure industries. However, challenges regarding environmental impact and the scalability of such integrated models should be anticipated.

Did You Know?

  • Aventuur: A US-based entity founded in 2019, specializing in the development of surf parks globally. It holds exclusive rights to deploy wave-making technology in North America and Singapore.
  • Spark New Zealand: A prominent telecommunications and digital services company in New Zealand, renowned for providing data center services and other digital infrastructure.
  • Wave-making technology: Advanced technology utilized in surf parks to produce artificial waves suitable for surfing, often customizable to cater to varying skill levels and preferences.

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