Baidu's Apollo AutoTaxis Revolutionize Wuhan: Autonomous Ride-Hailing Soars with Explosive Growth and High Profits

Baidu's Apollo AutoTaxis Revolutionize Wuhan: Autonomous Ride-Hailing Soars with Explosive Growth and High Profits

Mason Harper
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Baidu's Apollo AutoTaxi Success in China Signals Exponential Growth of a Grand New Market

In recent months, Baidu's Apollo AutoTaxi, branded as "Luobo Kuaipao," has taken significant strides in the autonomous vehicle market in China. Following the deployment of 1,000 self-driving taxis in Wuhan, the service has seen a remarkable surge in demand. Daily peak orders for individual cars have surpassed 20, signaling a robust acceptance of autonomous vehicles as a new mode of transportation for Wuhan's residents. This shift was underscored in the past month, highlighting Baidu's significant progress in this innovative market.

Key Takeaways

  • Explosive Growth: The introduction of 100 self-driving taxis has led to a substantial increase in orders, with daily peaks exceeding 20 per vehicle. The service has become a new choice for everyday travel among Wuhan's residents.
  • High Satisfaction: The user satisfaction rate for the Luobo Kuaipao app is notably high, averaging 4.9 out of 5, with 94.19% of users giving full marks.
  • Financial Impact: Each autonomous taxi generates a net profit of around 200 yuan per day, translating to 72,000 yuan annually. With 1,000 vehicles, this sums up to an impressive annual net profit of 72 million yuan.
  • Cost Efficiency: The cost of a single Luobo Kuaipao vehicle is less than 200,000 yuan, allowing for full cost recovery in under three years, leading to significant long-term profits.


Baidu's foray into autonomous driving with Apollo AutoTaxi is not just a technological marvel but a business triumph. The service's rapid adoption in Wuhan, a city known for its complex road conditions, demonstrates the practicality and reliability of Baidu's autonomous driving technology. The high satisfaction rates suggest that users are not only willing but also enthusiastic about embracing this new mode of transport.

The financial viability of the project is another critical aspect. With each vehicle generating substantial daily profits and the overall fleet contributing millions annually, the economic model of Luobo Kuaipao appears robust. This profitability is further enhanced by the significant reduction in vehicle costs, thanks to the introduction of the sixth-generation autonomous vehicles, which are 60% cheaper than their predecessors.

Moreover, Baidu's technological advancements, such as the Apollo ADFM (Autonomous Driving Foundation Model), ensure that these vehicles are safer than human-driven cars. This model, announced at Baidu Apollo Day, is designed to support L4-level autonomous driving, which combines high safety with broad applicability, ensuring that autonomous taxis can navigate even the most challenging driving environments.

Did You Know?

  • Baidu's autonomous driving platform, Luobo Kuaipao, provided approximately 826,000 rides in the first quarter of this year alone, marking a 25% year-on-year increase.
  • As of April 19, the cumulative number of services provided by Luobo Kuaipao exceeded 6 million.
  • In April, fully autonomous driving orders accounted for 70% of all rides in Wuhan, with expectations to reach 100% in the coming quarters.
  • The latest generation of Baidu's autonomous vehicles is designed to cut costs in half and improve capabilities tenfold with each iteration, making the technology increasingly accessible and efficient.

Baidu's success with Apollo AutoTaxi in Wuhan is a testament to the potential of autonomous vehicles to revolutionize urban transportation. As the technology continues to advance and gain acceptance, the market for autonomous taxis is poised for exponential growth, heralding a new era in mobility.

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