Banc of California to Sell $2B Residential Mortgages

Banc of California to Sell $2B Residential Mortgages

Nikolai Petrovich Chernenko
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Banc of California Announces Sale of $2 Billion in Residential Mortgages

Banc of California has initiated the sale of $2 billion in investor mortgages, which were originally from PacWest, with the management of the sale being overseen by Morgan Stanley. These loans are debt-service coverage loans that are underwritten based on the anticipated rental revenue rather than personal income. This move is a part of the bank's overarching strategy to streamline their balance sheet and enhance profitability, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming Basel III Endgame regulations. The auction for the loans is set for June 28 and is primarily targeted at investor owners renting properties, with a focus on rental income instead of traditional income checks. Notably, this is not the bank's first sale of this nature, as they have previously divested Civic-originated loans. This trend reflects the broader approach among regional banks to optimize their balance sheets under regulatory pressures, potentially leading to a transfer of assets to private credit lenders who face fewer capital requirements. CEO Jared Wolff also hinted at the possibility of further sales in the upcoming quarter to augment profits, underscoring the bank's proactive stance in adapting to regulatory changes and market dynamics.

Key Takeaways

  • Banc of California is selling $2 billion in investor mortgages, with management handled by Morgan Stanley.
  • The loans are debt-service coverage loans, underwritten based on rental revenue, rather than personal income.
  • This sale aligns with regional banks' efforts to trim their balance sheets in preparation for the Basel III Endgame.
  • The portfolio includes loans underwritten based on expected rental income, making them attractive to investors.
  • The sale reflects a broader trend among banks to optimize their balance sheets due to impending regulatory changes.


Banc of California's sale of $2 billion in investor mortgages, managed by Morgan Stanley, signals a strategic shift towards core assets in the lead-up to the Basel III regulations. This move has direct implications for PacWest and Morgan Stanley, while private credit lenders may benefit from increased asset transfers. In the short term, the sale bolsters Banc of California's profitability and flexibility when it comes to their balance sheet. Over the long term, it sets a precedent for regional banks to make similar adaptations, potentially reshaping the lending landscape towards more rental-focused underwriting. CEO Jared Wolff's proactive approach underscores ongoing strategic shifts in response to regulatory and market pressures.

Did You Know?

  • Debt-Service Coverage Loans: These are specialized mortgages that determine the borrower's ability to repay based on the expected rental income from the property, rather than their personal income. This type of loan is particularly relevant for investors who own rental properties and depend on rental income to cover mortgage payments and other expenses.
  • Basel III Endgame Regulations: Basel III encompasses a comprehensive set of reform measures designed to enhance the regulation, supervision, and risk management within the banking sector. "Endgame" refers to the final phase of these regulations, which impose stricter capital requirements and stress tests on banks to ensure they can withstand financial shocks. Banks are mandated to hold more capital against their assets, which can impact profitability and operational flexibility.
  • Private Credit Lenders: These lenders are non-bank institutions that extend loans and other forms of credit to businesses or individuals. Unlike traditional banks, they often operate with fewer regulatory constraints, enabling them to offer more flexible terms and lower capital requirements. This makes them an appealing option for banks looking to divest assets and reduce regulatory burdens.

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