Bank of Japan to Delay Interest Rate Hike Until Autumn

Santiago Álvarez Cortés
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The Bank of Japan Continues to Hold Off on Interest Rate Hike

The Bank of Japan, led by former policy board member Makoto Sakurai, is expected to postpone any decisions on raising interest rates until autumn. According to Sakurai, the bank has successfully navigated the challenges of scaling back its stimulus program, with no pressing matters at hand.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bank of Japan is expected to delay any interest rate hike until autumn.
  • Former policy board member, Makoto Sakurai, commended the bank for its successful navigation of scaling back its stimulus program.
  • Sakurai expressed that there are no immediate pressing issues for the bank to address.


The decision to hold off on raising interest rates indicates the Bank of Japan's cautious approach in assessing the economic landscape. This move reflects the consideration of various factors that could impact the nation's financial stability in the future.

Do You Know?

  • Interest rate hike: Refers to the increase in the cost of borrowing money, which can influence economic activity and inflation.
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