Best-Selling Author Neil Gaiman Accused of Sexual Assault by Two Women

Best-Selling Author Neil Gaiman Accused of Sexual Assault by Two Women

Nikolai Ivanov
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Neil Gaiman Faces Sexual Assault Allegations: An In-Depth Look

Neil Gaiman, the renowned author of "The Sandman," "American Gods," and "Good Omens," has been accused of sexual assault by two women, as reported by Tortoise Media. These allegations were detailed in a four-part podcast titled "Master: The Allegations Against Neil Gaiman," released on July 3, 2024. The claims involve "rough and degrading sex," with some encounters described as non-consensual.

The first accuser, 23-year-old Scarlett, was employed as Gaiman's nanny. She alleges that Gaiman assaulted her in February 2022 at his New Zealand residence shortly after their first meeting. Scarlett recounts a specific incident in a bath where Gaiman allegedly assaulted her. Gaiman has countered these claims, stating that their interactions were consensual, involving cuddling and making out. He mentioned that their brief sexual relationship spanned three weeks and involved only digital penetration.

Scarlett further accused Gaiman of non-consensual "rough and degrading penetrative sexual acts," describing an incident where she lost consciousness from the pain and was subsequently assaulted with a belt. Gaiman has denied these accusations.

The second accuser, referred to as K, met Gaiman at a book signing in Florida in 2003 when she was 18. Their romantic relationship began when she was 20, during which K claims she endured rough and painful sexual encounters. K described an incident where Gaiman penetrated her despite her protests due to a urinary tract infection, causing her intense pain. Gaiman has refuted K's allegations, expressing disturbance over the claims.

Scarlett filed a police complaint in New Zealand in October 2022, but according to Gaiman, the police did not accept his "offer of assistance." The New Zealand police have indicated that their investigation is ongoing, facing several challenges including the location of all involved parties.

Key Takeaways

  1. Accusations and Response: Neil Gaiman faces allegations of sexual assault from two women, Scarlett and K, involving claims of non-consensual and painful sexual encounters. Gaiman denies all allegations, asserting that the interactions were consensual.

  2. Ongoing Investigation: Scarlett's complaint is under investigation by New Zealand police, who are encountering logistical challenges. K did not file a police report but shared her experience publicly.

  3. Public and Professional Impact: The accusations have sparked significant public and media interest, particularly given Gaiman's prominence as a best-selling author whose works have been adapted into successful TV shows.


The allegations against Neil Gaiman highlight critical issues regarding power dynamics, consent, and the challenges faced by victims of sexual assault in seeking justice. Scarlett's position as an employee and K's as a young fan underscore the complexities involved when individuals in vulnerable positions encounter influential figures. These cases also illustrate the difficulty in distinguishing consensual acts from coercive ones, particularly when allegations involve rough or painful sexual behavior.

Gaiman's denials and the ongoing investigation in New Zealand raise questions about the adequacy and responsiveness of legal systems in handling such cases, especially when international parties are involved. The varying nature of the allegations and the responses from both the accusers and Gaiman reflect broader societal struggles with addressing and adjudicating claims of sexual misconduct.

Did You Know

Neil Gaiman is not only celebrated for his literary works but also for his adaptations. "The Sandman" series has been turned into a successful Netflix show, "American Gods" was adapted by Starz, and "Good Omens," co-authored with Terry Pratchett, became a popular series on Amazon Prime. These adaptations have significantly boosted Gaiman's public profile, making the recent allegations even more impactful on his career and legacy.

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