Beverly Hills Faces New 8-Story Apartment Building Development

Beverly Hills Faces New 8-Story Apartment Building Development

Irina Kovalev
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New Affordable Housing Development Proposed in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is slated to witness the potential construction of an innovative eight-story, 90-unit apartment building, spearheaded by Hamilton Drive LLC and SDLP Holdings LLC in a builder’s remedy application. The vision is championed by developer Leo Pustilnikov, who has emerged as a staunch supporter of leveraging the legal loophole designed to facilitate housing projects that adhere to affordability criteria in areas resistant to new development. The proposed building, situated at 214-216 South Hamilton Drive, is planned to feature an array of studio apartments, including 18 units of affordable housing. Notably, Pustilnikov's persistent advocacy has been marked as the sixth such filing for Beverly Hills. Given that the city has missed its deadline for a state-approved housing plan, Pustilnikov's applications are pending, with the city having 30 days to respond to this latest undertaking.

Key Takeaways

  • Leo Pustilnikov's entities, Hamilton Drive LLC and SDLP Holdings LLC, have pressed forward with an application to establish an 8-story, 90-unit multifamily building in Beverly Hills using the builder's remedy.
  • This marks the sixth instance in which developer Leo Pustilnikov has pursued a builder's remedy case in Beverly Hills, emphasizing the need for streamlined development approvals.
  • The proposed structure, positioned at 214-216 South Hamilton Drive, will exclusively consist of studio apartments, with 18 earmarked as affordable housing units.
  • The utilization of builder's remedy caters to the automatic endorsement of housing projects that align with affordability criteria, particularly when cities fall short of mandated housing plan deadlines.
  • Despite Beverly Hills' recent certification of its housing plan, Leo Pustilnikov's applications continue to await review, signaling an ongoing consideration period.


The recurring utilization of the builder's remedy provision by developer Leo Pustilnikov in Beverly Hills has the potential to stimulate an upsurge in housing availability, especially regarding economical studio accommodations at 214-216 South Hamilton Drive. This development stands to benefit local inhabitants in quest of affordable housing, albeit with potential repercussions on neighboring property valuations and rental pricing. Anticipated outcomes encompass heightened population density and the imposition of strains on local infrastructure and services.

Stringent adherence to state-stipulated housing plan deadlines becomes imperative to preclude the exploitation of such loopholes. Over the long haul, municipalities akin to Beverly Hills should proactively confront housing affordability issues to minimize reliance on the builder's remedy and ensure well-rounded, sustainable urban expansion. This initiative might serve as a catalyst prompting other cities to reassess their housing policies and foster more robust real estate markets.

Did You Know?

  • Builder's remedy: A legal provision in California enabling developers to navigate local zoning regulations and accelerate housing project approvals if cities fail to meet state-mandated housing plan certification deadlines. Eligible projects must satisfy specific affordability criteria to qualify for automatic endorsement.
  • Hamilton Drive LLC and SDLP Holdings LLC: Limited liability companies affiliated with developer Leo Pustilnikov. An LLC is a business entity offering personal liability protection for owners, coupled with the advantages of pass-through taxation.
  • Leo Pustilnikov: A developer fervently backing the builder's remedy provision in California. Notably, Pustilnikov has submitted six builder's remedy applications in Beverly Hills, including the proposed 8-story, 90-unit building at 214-216 South Hamilton Drive.

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