Biden Orders Chinese-Backed Mining Company to Sell Land Near Wyoming Missile Base

Biden Orders Chinese-Backed Mining Company to Sell Land Near Wyoming Missile Base

Hao Liu
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Biden Administration Orders Chinese-Backed Crypto Mining Company to Sell Land Near US Nuclear Missile Base

In a move to protect national security, the Biden administration has issued an order for MineOne, a Chinese-backed cryptocurrency mining company, to sell its land near a nuclear missile base in Wyoming within 120 days. This decision stems from concerns that the company's equipment could enable surveillance and espionage activities. The broader context of this action includes a growing crackdown on Chinese companies in the US, such as the divestiture of TikTok and the imposition of new tariffs on Chinese imports. The probe into MineOne was initiated by the US Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) following a public tip. In response, China has heightened scrutiny of US companies, citing its own national security worries.

Key Takeaways

  • The Biden administration has directed MineOne to divest its land near a US nuclear missile base due to concerns about national security.
  • MineOne's equipment is suspected of being capable of facilitating espionage, prompting the presidential order for divestiture.
  • This action aligns with a broader crackdown on Chinese companies in the US in the lead-up to the presidential elections.
  • The directive follows an investigation by CFIUS, and China has reciprocated with increased scrutiny of American companies.


The Biden administration's directive to compel MineOne to relinquish land and remove equipment near a US nuclear missile base introduces implications for national security for both the US and China. This action is part of a wider crackdown impacting various industries and has potential ramifications for MineOne, US companies in China, and investors involved with these enterprises. Short-term consequences may include suspension of MineOne's operations, while longer-term effects could involve strained US-China relations, heightened regulatory scrutiny, and potential trade tariffs. Such actions may trigger responses from other nations, leading to a ripple effect in the global technology and business domains.

Did You Know?

  • MineOne: This Chinese-backed mining company utilizes powerful computers to validate cryptocurrency transactions through solving complex mathematical problems, receiving cryptocurrency rewards in return.
  • CFIUS: An inter-agency committee responsible for assessing foreign investments in US companies or land to determine national security implications, with the authority to recommend blocking or unwinding transactions if they pose such a threat.
  • National Security Concerns: Refers to perceived risks associated with Chinese companies operating in sensitive US sectors, including technology, finance, and infrastructure, with fears of espionage, intellectual property theft, and other activities that could undermine US national security. In response, the US government has employed various measures to restrict or limit Chinese investments and operations within the country.

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