Bitcoin Options Traders Prepare for Record Rally

Bitcoin Options Traders Prepare for Record Rally

Alexei Petrov
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Record Open Interest in Bitcoin Options Signals Bullish Sentiment

Bitcoin options traders are witnessing a surge in open interest, reaching a historic high of $37.66 billion, according to CoinGlass data. This surge is underscored by the popularity of options contracts with strike prices set at $75,000 and $100,000, indicating a strong bullish sentiment. Bitcoin is currently trading at approximately $71,203, just below its previous peak of $71,756. To potentially hit the projected $100,000 mark, it needs to exceed the critical $73,000 level. In addition, institutional interest in Bitcoin is growing, as evidenced by Bitcoin exchange-traded funds experiencing 18 consecutive days of inflows, aggregating to $215 million on Thursday alone.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin options open interest has reached a record high of $37.66 billion.
  • Traders exhibit a bullish outlook, with significant open interest in options at $75,000 and $100,000.
  • Bitcoin is currently trading at $71,203, with a peak of $71,756 earlier this year.
  • Institutional investors are increasingly active, with Bitcoin ETFs receiving $215 million in recent inflows.
  • Notable ETF analyst Nate Geraci suggests that institutional interest in Bitcoin is just beginning.


The substantial increase in Bitcoin options open interest to $37.66 billion mirrors heightened bullish sentiment, propelled by the mounting interest of institutional investors and the substantial inflows into ETFs. This positive outlook, centered on the $75,000 and $100,000 options, implies expectations of substantial price appreciation. A breach of the $73,000 threshold could propel Bitcoin towards the $100,000 mark, influencing traders, investors, and the broader cryptocurrency market. Conversely, failure to surpass this level might subdue sentiment, potentially leading to a market correction. Over the long term, sustained institutional participation could bring stability and credibility to the cryptocurrency market.

Did You Know?

  • Bitcoin Options Open Interest: This refers to the total number of outstanding derivative contracts, such as options or futures, that have not been settled or closed. High open interest in the Bitcoin market indicates significant market activity and investor interest in the future price movements of the cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs): These financial instruments track the price of Bitcoin and trade on traditional stock exchanges like stocks. They enable investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin without directly purchasing or storing the cryptocurrency. Inflows into Bitcoin ETFs indicate growing institutional interest and acknowledgment of Bitcoin as an investment asset.
  • Strike Price in Options Trading: This is the predetermined price at which an option contract can be exercised, indicating the price at which the holder can buy (for call options) or sell (for put options) the underlying asset. Popular strike prices in the Bitcoin options market, such as $75,000 and $100,000, reflect traders' expectations of Bitcoin's potential price levels, signifying bullish sentiment.

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