Bitcoin Volatility in Asia Linked to ETF Flows and Automated Trading

Yoshiro Sato
1 min read

Bitcoin Algos Tracking ETF Flows Impacting Trading in Asia

Bitcoin's trading in Asia is experiencing significant volatility attributed to algorithmic trading reacting to data on US exchange-traded funds holding the cryptocurrency. The level of demand for spot-Bitcoin ETFs in US share trading hours is influencing the Asian market, resulting in Bitcoin's worst drop in a month, with the digital asset hovering around $66,000 on Wednesday.

Key Takeaways:

  • Automated trading protocols reacting to ETF flows data are causing pronounced swings in Bitcoin's value in Asia.
  • Daily figures on demand for spot-Bitcoin ETFs during US trading hours are impacting the crypto market in Asian hours.
  • Bitcoin experienced its worst drop in a month due to investors pulling money out in response to the flows numbers.


The integration of automated trading algorithms and ETF flows data is amplifying volatility in the Asian Bitcoin market, indicating a high level of sensitivity to external trading activities. This trend could lead to continued fluctuations and challenges for Bitcoin investors in the region.

Do You Know?

  • Spot-Bitcoin ETFs enable investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin's price movements without the need to hold the cryptocurrency itself.
  • Automated trading protocols are designed to execute pre-programmed trading instructions based on various market factors, including ETF flows data.

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