Bitcoin Whale Awakens After Six-Year Slumber

Bitcoin Whale Awakens After Six-Year Slumber

Viktoriya Petrovsky
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Significant Bitcoin Whale Wakes Up, Transfers $61.55 Million to Coinbase

A notable Bitcoin whale recently emerged after a six-year dormancy, making a significant move by transferring $61.55 million worth of Bitcoin to Coinbase. This transaction coincides with other substantial Bitcoin movements earlier this week, such as the US government's transfer of approximately $241 million worth of Bitcoin to Coinbase on June 26. Intriguingly, these developments did not provoke substantial market upheaval. Earlier this month, an exceptional occurrence transpired as Bitcoin from 2010, valued at $3 million, was moved to Binance, a period when Bitcoin mining was feasible with standard computers.

Key Takeaways

  • A dormant wallet executed a $61.55 million Bitcoin transfer to Coinbase after six years.
  • The US government dispatched $241 million worth of Bitcoin to Coinbase on June 26.
  • A Bitcoin miner from the 2010 era moved $3 million to Binance.
  • Bitcoin's price rests at $61,085, marking a nearly 5% decrease over the last week.
  • Bitcoin ETFs observe inflows, offering some relief to bullish sentiment.


The recent flurry of Bitcoin transactions, encompassing substantial transfers by a dormant whale and the US government, likely reflects strategic maneuvers by influential entities seeking to capitalize on market fluctuations. While these actions did not cause immediate disruption, they may signal a shift in market dynamics, influencing investor outlook and potentially stabilizing Bitcoin's value. The involvement of major exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance underscores their pivotal roles in facilitating high-stakes transactions. In the short term, these developments may contribute to market volatility, but in the long run, they could reinforce Bitcoin's credibility and market depth, attracting heightened institutional interest and steadying its value trajectory.

Did You Know?

  • Bitcoin Whale:
    • A Bitcoin whale pertains to an individual or entity holding a substantial amount of Bitcoin, often influencing market movements due to their capacity to execute significant transactions.
  • Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs):
    • Bitcoin ETFs represent investment funds tracking Bitcoin's price and traded on traditional stock exchanges. They offer investors a means to gain exposure to Bitcoin without directly owning or handling the cryptocurrency.
  • Bullish Momentum:
    • Bullish momentum concerning Bitcoin signifies a sustained upward trend in its value, propelled by positive market sentiment and increased purchasing activity.

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