Bitcoin's Value Projections Soar to $150K: Standard Chartered

Bitcoin's Value Projections Soar to $150K: Standard Chartered

Elena Kovačić
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Bitcoin's Potential Price Soar Amidst Political Speculations

As per Standard Chartered, Bitcoin's value could potentially reach a new height of $150,000 by the US presidential election in November, and even soar past that threshold, driven by evolving market dynamics and political sentiment. The bank's forecast suggests a correlation between Presidential prospects and Bitcoin's price, indicating a potential positive impact if Donald Trump were to secure victory. Conversely, if Biden were to withdraw, it could lead to a significant price correction in Bitcoin.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin's value may surge to a new all-time high by August.
  • Standard Chartered predicts a monumental $150,000 valuation for Bitcoin by November.
  • Donald Trump's potential victory is perceived as "Bitcoin-positive".
  • The future of Biden's candidacy holds leverage over Bitcoin's price scenarios.
  • The market cap of Bitcoin could potentially reach $3 trillion by the end of 2024.


The projection of Bitcoin's ascension, intertwined with U.S. political dynamics, underscores an interesting narrative. This union of political factors and cryptocurrency trajectories showcases the potential influence of regulatory and mining expectations on Bitcoin's market performance. Furthermore, the forecast also implies a probable surge in market volatility in the short term, while illustrating the likelihood of Bitcoin's deeper integration into the mainstream financial realm in the long term.

Did You Know?

  • Bitcoin-positive: This term encapsulates the idea that specific political figures or policies can support the growth and acceptance of Bitcoin. In the given context, Standard Chartered's Geoffrey Kendrick suggests that a potential victory for Donald Trump could be perceived as "Bitcoin-positive" due to the potential regulatory and mining benefits under his administration. This perception holds the capacity to influence investor sentiment and market dynamics, consequently impacting Bitcoin's price.
  • Market cap of Bitcoin: The projected market capitalization of Bitcoin, standing at $3 trillion by the conclusion of 2024, signifies the comprehensive value and perceived significance of Bitcoin in the global financial landscape. This elevated market cap accentuates broader investor trust and acknowledgment of Bitcoin as a store of value and medium of exchange, reflecting its growing eminence.
  • Political events impacting cryptocurrency prices: The article emphasizes on the substantial effect of political junctures, particularly the U.S. presidential election, on cryptocurrency valuations. Standard Chartered's predictions are intricately tied to the electoral prospects of President Joe Biden and the potential Republican nominee, Donald Trump, illuminating the substantial influence of political steadiness, regulatory structures, and public sentiment on cryptocurrency market dynamics.

The insightful projections by Standard Chartered demonstrate the intricate interplay between politics and cryptocurrency valuations, further highlighting the significance of comprehensive analysis in understanding these intricate relationships.

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