BYD to Invest $1 Billion in Turkey for New Factory and R&D Center

BYD to Invest $1 Billion in Turkey for New Factory and R&D Center

Leyla Çetin
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BYD to Invest $10 Billion in New Factory and R&D Center in Turkey

BYD, a prominent Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer, has announced a $10 billion investment to establish a new factory and research and development center in Turkey. This decision was revealed during a signing ceremony on July 8, attended by BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu, Turkish President Erdogan, and Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fahrettin Koca. This strategic move aims to strengthen BYD's presence in the European market, leveraging Turkey's customs union agreement with the European Union.

Key Takeaways

  • BYD's significant global market share in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle markets reinforces its strategic positioning.
  • The investment in Turkey aims to bolster BYD's supply capabilities in Central Asia and support its European market expansion.
  • BYD's factories in Thailand and Uzbekistan reflect its ambitious global expansion strategy.


BYD's $10 billion investment in Turkey is designed to enhance its influence in the European market, capitalizing on Turkey's customs union advantage with the EU. This initiative not only strengthens BYD's supply chain in Central Asia but also intensifies competition in the European electric vehicle market. In the short term, the Turkish economy is expected to benefit from increased employment and economic growth. In the long term, BYD's global expansion strategy may reshape the international competitive landscape in the electric vehicle industry, impacting the strategic positioning and market shares of other automotive companies.

Did You Know?

  • BYD:
    • BYD is a leading global new energy vehicle manufacturer headquartered in China, specializing in electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and traditional fuel vehicles. BYD holds a significant position in the Chinese market and is actively expanding its international business, particularly in the electric vehicle sector.
  • Customs Union Agreement:
    • A customs union agreement is a trade pact between two or more countries that eliminates tariffs and quotas among member nations and applies a uniform tariff policy to non-member countries. Turkey's customs union agreement with the EU allows Turkish products to enter the European market duty-free, which is crucial for BYD's European expansion.
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs):
    • PHEVs combine traditional internal combustion engine technology with electric motor technology, allowing them to be charged through an external power source and travel a certain distance in pure electric mode. Compared to fully electric vehicles, PHEVs offer an extended driving range and reduced emissions. BYD leads the global market in the PHEV segment, demonstrating its technological expertise and market leadership.

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