Surge in Calcium Formate Prices in Asia Driven by Demand from Cement and Concrete Industries

Surge in Calcium Formate Prices in Asia Driven by Demand from Cement and Concrete Industries

Kazuki Tanaka
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Surge in Calcium Formate Prices in Asia Driven by Demand from Cement and Concrete Industries

In recent weeks, Calcium Formate prices have surged across Asia, particularly in China and India, driven by increased demand from the cement and concrete industries. This spike follows heightened negotiations post-Labor Day in China and is supported by strong futures market performance and rising crude oil prices. Despite high stockpiles of feedstock formic acid, the market remains optimistic with traders actively procuring goods. China's exports grew by 1.5% year-on-year in April 2024, boosting domestic Calcium Formate markets and signaling a rebound in demand. Meanwhile, India's real estate market is thriving, with a 35% surge in net profit reported by UltraTech Cement, largely due to government infrastructure spending and affordable housing projects. Looking ahead, the market faces uncertainty influenced by factors such as China's domestic demand and India's monsoon season, requiring strategic planning by industry stakeholders.

Key Takeaways

  • Calcium Formate prices rose in Asia, driven by increased demand in China and India.
  • China's Calcium Formate market saw price hikes post-Labor Day due to strong futures market performance.
  • International crude oil price increases supported the positive sentiment in the Calcium Formate market.
  • Demand from cement and concrete sectors surged in China and India, impacting Calcium Formate prices.
  • India's real estate boom, with a 35% net profit surge for UltraTech, boosted Calcium Formate demand.


The surge in Calcium Formate prices in Asia, particularly in China and India, is primarily driven by robust demand from the cement and concrete industries, fueled by government infrastructure projects and a thriving real estate market. Despite ample formic acid stockpiles, market optimism persists due to favorable futures market performance and rising crude oil prices. Short-term impacts include increased costs for construction sectors, while long-term effects hinge on sustained government spending and market dynamics. Uncertainties such as China's domestic economic shifts and India's monsoon season could influence future demand and pricing strategies.

Did You Know?

  • Calcium Formate: A chemical compound used primarily as a preservative and sanitizer in various industries, including cement and concrete. It acts as a cement retarder, slowing down the setting time of cement, which is crucial for maintaining workability during construction projects.
  • Futures Market Performance: Refers to the trading of contracts that promise the delivery of a commodity or financial instrument at a future date at a predetermined price. Strong performance in this market indicates investor confidence and can influence current prices of commodities like Calcium Formate.
  • UltraTech Cement: India's largest cement producer and a significant player in the global cement industry. Its financial performance, such as a 35% surge in net profit, reflects broader economic trends and government policies affecting the construction and real estate sectors in India.

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