Cambridge Quantum Startup Riverlane Secures £2.1M Grant for Quantum Error Decoder

Cambridge Quantum Startup Riverlane Secures £2.1M Grant for Quantum Error Decoder

Maximilian Haußer
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Riverlane Secures £2.1M Grant to Develop Quantum Error Decoder

Riverlane, a quantum startup based in Cambridge, has been awarded a £2.1M grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Transition, supported by the Department for Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT). The funding will be allocated towards enhancing their 'Deltaflow.Decode', a core component of their Quantum Error Correction Stack, enabling real-time decoding of quantum operations. This development marks a significant stride towards harnessing the capabilities of quantum computers beyond the realm of conventional supercomputers.

Key Takeaways

  • Riverlane secures a £2.1M grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Transition to advance their quantum error decoding technology.
  • The grant will facilitate the extension of Riverlane's decoding technology to support continuous decoding during logical quantum operations, crucial for achieving quantum advantage.
  • Integration of the prototype into a quantum control system provided by Qblox is also planned, optimizing its functionality.
  • The funding will empower the development of a quantum error decoder capable of real-time decoding of quantum operations, a pivotal advancement for the quantum computing landscape.
  • Riverlane's total funding now amounts to £55m, reflecting substantial investor backing from leading venture capital firms and government grants.


The significant infusion of a £2.1M grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Transition to Riverlane emphasizes the quantum startup's commitment to advancing quantum error decoding technology, affirming investor confidence (Weston, 2023). Rapid decoding of quantum operations epitomizes progress towards quantum advantage, with broad-reaching implications for the industries of cryptography, optimization, and pharmaceuticals. The potential benefits extend to organizations such as the EIC, DSIT, Qblox, and Riverlane's clients, with the ripple effect potentially stimulating job creation and future investments. This development is poised to drive quantum technology innovation, fostering economic growth and international competitiveness.

(Weston, 2023) Weston, M. (2023). Quantum decoder for real-time error detection wins £2.1m EIC grant. Business Weekly. Link

Did You Know?

  • Quantum startup: Companies focusing on developing technologies or applications using quantum mechanics, applicable across various fields such as computing, cryptography, and sensing.
  • Quantum Error Correction Stack: A comprehensive system aiming to address the challenge of quantum errors, enabling accurate and reliable quantum computations.
  • European Innovation Council (EIC) Transition Grant: A funding program supporting companies and projects in transitioning from pre-commercial stage to market readiness, fostering innovation. Riverlane's grant marks a crucial step towards achieving quantum advantage.

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