Capital D Closes Fund 2 with €156M

Capital D Closes Fund 2 with €156M

Elena Moretti
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Capital D's Fund 2 Closes with €156M in Commitments, Bringing Total Capital to €300M

Capital D, a private equity fund manager, has successfully closed its Fund 2 with €156 million in commitments, bringing the firm's total capital raised to approximately €300 million. Capital D focuses on investing in innovative companies that disrupt their industries, and its Fund 2 has already made investments in Electrify Video Partners and Phrasee. The firm's successful exits include Invincible Brands and Qmee. Jean-Marc Jabre, Capital D's co-founder, expressed satisfaction with the fund closure, citing investor confidence in the firm's ability to deliver superior returns. Capital D has also expanded by opening an office in Luxembourg and boasts a diverse range of European and Middle Eastern Limited Partners.

Key Takeaways

  • Capital D successfully closes Fund 2 with €156 million in commitments
  • This brings Capital D's total capital raised to circa €300 million
  • Capital D focuses on investing in innovative companies disrupting their industries
  • Fund 2 has made two investments: Electrify Video Partners and Phrasee
  • Capital D has a successful track record with exits like Invincible Brands and Qmee


Capital D's successful closure of Fund 2, raising €156 million, indicates strong investor confidence in its strategy of investing in innovative disrupters. This development bolsters Capital D's total capital to approximately €300 million. Middle Eastern and European Limited Partners will benefit from Capital D's expanded Luxembourg presence. The firm's recent investments in Electrify Video Partners and Phrasee, along with successful exits like Invincible Brands and Qmee, highlight Capital D's Midas touch.

In the short term, this fundraising success will allow Capital D to seize new investment opportunities, bolstering its portfolio and maximizing returns for its Limited Partners. Over the long term, these strategic investments will likely strengthen the disrupted industries and promote technological advancements. However, companies not selected by Capital D may face funding challenges, potentially stifling innovation and growth in those sectors.

Did You Know?

  • Private Equity Fund Manager: A private equity fund manager is an investment firm that raises and manages capital from limited partners (LPs) to invest in private companies. They make investments in private businesses, often with the goal of acquiring a controlling interest, and work to improve the operations and financial performance of these companies to eventually realize a profit when they are sold.
  • Fund 2 (Capital D): Fund 2 is the second fund raised by private equity firm Capital D. This fund has successfully closed, meaning that the fundraising process has been completed and Capital D has secured €156 million in commitments from its LPs. This new fund, combined with Capital D's first fund, brings their total capital raised to approximately €300 million.
  • Investing in Innovative Companies Disrupting Their Industries: Capital D focuses on investing in companies that are innovative and disrupting their respective industries. This means that the firm looks for businesses that challenge the status quo, introduce new technologies, or significantly change the way an industry operates. By investing in these types of companies, Capital D seeks to capitalize on emerging trends and market opportunities, potentially generating higher returns for their LPs.

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