Carlsberg Increases Takeover Bid for Britvic

Carlsberg Increases Takeover Bid for Britvic

Mikkel Jørgensen
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Carlsberg Increases Takeover Bid for Britvic to £3.28 Billion

In a monumental business maneuver, Carlsberg has successfully raised its acquisition offer for Britvic, a prominent soft drinks manufacturer, to a staggering £3.28 billion ($4.2 billion). This substantial breakthrough comes after Britvic had originally turned down Carlsberg's proposals in June, citing significant undervaluation. The enhanced deal encompasses an offer of 1,290 pence per share for Britvic, complemented by a modest dividend, ultimately amounting to 1,315 pence per share.

This deal holds significant implications for the UK and Western Europe, where Britvic plays a pivotal role in the bottling and distribution of PepsiCo brands. Earlier this year, Carlsberg and PepsiCo came to an agreement to waive a "change of control clause" in their bottling contract, facilitating the path for this acquisition.

Key Takeaways

  • Britvic accepts Carlsberg's £3.28 billion takeover offer, valuing the company at 1,315 pence per share including a dividend.
  • Carlsberg and PepsiCo modify their contract to pave the way for the acquisition, focusing on combining beer strengths with soft drinks expertise.
  • The merger is anticipated to have a positive impact on shareholders and significantly influence the UK and Western European beverage market.


Carlsberg's acquisition of Britvic, valued at £3.28 billion, integrates its dominance in the beer market with Britvic's specialization in soft drinks, promising an enhanced market synergy. Shareholders stand to gain from this with the offer of 1,315 pence per share, including a dividend. The strategic alliance with PepsiCo further solidifies the new entity's market position in the UK and Western Europe. In the short term, Britvic shareholders stand to benefit financially, while in the long term, the merged entity could potentially reshape consumer preferences and industry dynamics, ultimately dominating broader beverage sectors.

Did You Know?

  • "Change of Control Clause":
    • A "change of control clause" is a contractual provision that outlines the conditions under which one party can terminate the agreement in the event of a change in ownership or control of the other party. Carlsberg and PepsiCo mutually agreed to forgo this clause, enabling Carlsberg to proceed with the acquisition of Britvic without triggering the termination of their existing bottling contract.
  • Synergy:
    • This term refers to the concept that the combined value and performance of two companies will surpass the sum of their individual parts. In this case, Jacob Aarup-Andersen highlighted the synergy between Britvic's soft drinks portfolio and Carlsberg's beer business and distribution network, anticipating enhanced performance and growth opportunities from the merger.
  • Non-Executive Chair:
    • A non-executive chair is a board member who does not hold an executive position within the company. In this instance, Ian Durant's optimism about the merger reflects his role in guiding the board's decision-making process.

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