Celsius Energy Drink Company Poised to Surpass $100 Mark

Celsius Energy Drink Company Poised to Surpass $100 Mark

Mateo Lopez
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CELH Stock Projected to Break Out Above $100, Targeting $127 and $140

Celsius (CELH), an energy drink company, is poised to potentially surpass the $100 mark, with technical analysis pointing to targets of $127 and $140. This growth is attributable to Celsius's expanding market presence, positioning it as a formidable competitor against industry giants such as Red Bull and Monster Beverage. Despite a mixed performance in Q1 earnings, Celsius's impressive record gross margin of 51% and the anticipated inventory normalization by Pepsi indicate a strong outlook for future revenue growth. Technical support stands at $69, while resistance levels are identified at $88 and $94 according to Fibonacci projections. Todd Gordon, founder of Inside Edge Capital, remarked, "The company’s drinks are growing in popularity and quickly encroaching on the market share of larger competitors. If the company keeps executing like this, I believe our target of $127 should be met."

Key Takeaways

  • Celsius (CELH) stock is forecasted to break out above $100, targeting $127 and $140
  • Anticipated robust revenue growth attributed to inventory normalization by Pepsi
  • Technical support established at $69, with resistance indicated at $88 and $94 based on Fibonacci projections
  • Record gross margin of 51% despite mixed Q1 earnings, with positive revenue projections for Q2 and Q3
  • Todd Gordon bullish on Celsius, citing increasing popularity and earnings growth


Celsius's (CELH) stock surge may have far-reaching implications for the broader energy drink market, potentially posing a challenge to industry front-runners Red Bull and Monster Beverage. The upswing is driven by increased market presence, robust revenue growth, and a record-setting 51% gross margin, despite underwhelming Q1 earnings. This development could impact Pepsi, which is streamlining Celsius's inventory, potentially bolstering its earnings.

In the near term, this growth may fuel heightened investments in energy drink companies and could influence consumer behavior. Long-term ramifications may encompass a more competitive energy drink market, with a greater market share for innovative and agile players like Celsius.

However, potential risks entail increased pressure on rivals and potential market saturation. Furthermore, if Celsius fails to meet its ambitious growth expectations, its stock may experience a correction, impacting investor confidence in the energy drink sector.

Did You Know?

  • Celsius (CELH) stock projected to break out above $100, targeting $127 and $140: A breakout in stock prices occurs when the price surges significantly above its previous resistance level. Celsius's stock is expected to exceed the $100 threshold, with targets at $127 and $140, signaling a strong bullish trend. This projection is founded on the company's expanding market presence and robust revenue growth expectations.
  • Technical support established at $69, with resistance projected at $88 and $94 based on Fibonacci analysis: Technical support denotes a price level at which a stock historically halts its decline and begins to ascend. In this case, $69 serves as the established support level for Celsius's stock. Conversely, resistance levels indicate price points at which the stock may encounter selling pressure. Fibonacci projections are tools in technical analysis utilizing the Fibonacci sequence to identify potential price levels at which a stock might halt or reverse. In this instance, resistance levels are estimated at $88 and $94.
  • Anticipated robust revenue growth due to inventory normalization by Pepsi and strong market momentum: Market momentum reflects the speed at which a stock's price changes. Strong momentum suggests a rapid price surge, often driven by positive market sentiment, increased demand, or improved financial performance. Here, Pepsi's inventory normalization is expected to contribute to Celsius's revenue growth, implying enhanced supply chain efficiency and better alignment with market demand.

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