Chinese Coffee Market Decline in Q1 2024

Chinese Coffee Market Decline in Q1 2024

Chen Wei-Lin
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Chinese Coffee Market Faces Challenges in Q1 2024

The Chinese coffee market encountered challenges in the first quarter of 2024, as major brands such as Tims China, Luckin Coffee, and Starbucks experienced a decline in same-store sales. Tims China's first-quarter financial report revealed that although total revenue increased by 3.1% year-on-year, this growth was mainly attributed to the increase in franchise and other income, with a mere 0.2% growth in revenue from self-operated stores and an 11.7% decline in same-store sales. Additionally, Tims China's net loss, while narrowing, still amounted to 143 million RMB. Luckin Coffee and Starbucks also anticipate continued challenges in the market in the second quarter, with Starbucks even lowering its full-year sales expectations. This trend reflects the current sluggish state of the Chinese coffee market, posing significant pressure on major brands.

Key Takeaways

  • The Chinese coffee market exhibited a weak performance in Q1, with major brands experiencing a decline in same-store sales.
  • Tims China's first-quarter revenue increased by 3.1%, primarily driven by the growth in franchise income.
  • Self-operated store revenue for Tims China only saw a marginal increase of 0.2%, accompanied by an 11.7% decrease in same-store sales.
  • Luckin Coffee and Starbucks anticipate ongoing market challenges in the second quarter.
  • Tims China's first-quarter net loss amounted to 143 million RMB, narrowing year-on-year.


The sluggish performance of the Chinese coffee market in Q1, with a decline in same-store sales for major brands, reflects weakened consumer demand and intensifying market competition. Despite the overall revenue growth for Tims China, the performance of its self-operated stores was subpar, highlighting the pressure faced by its direct sales business and its reliance on the franchise model for growth. The expectations from Luckin Coffee and Starbucks for continued market challenges indicate the difficulty in short-term market recovery. In the long term, brands need to formulate innovative strategies, such as enhancing product diversity and service quality, to attract consumers and restore growth. This trend could impact investor confidence, resulting in negative implications for relevant stock and market valuations.

Did You Know?

  • Same-Store Sales: This metric, commonly used in the retail industry, compares the sales of a single store at two different time periods, usually two adjacent financial quarters or years. It is an important indicator to assess changes in sales while keeping the store location, size, and operating conditions constant, providing insights into the health of the retail business.
  • Franchising: It is a business model where a franchisee pays a fee to utilize the rights of a franchisor’s brand, products, services, and operating system. The franchise model can aid in rapid brand expansion while reducing the capital and management pressure associated with direct-operated stores.
  • Net Loss: In accounting and financial reporting, net loss refers to the portion where a company's total expenses exceed its total income within a specific period. This typically indicates that the company's operational activities in that period failed to generate sufficient income to cover its costs and expenses. A narrowing net loss often suggests an improvement in the company's financial condition, but attention should still be given to the absolute value of the loss.

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