Charlie Puth Faces Massive Backlash for Pro-Israel Stance, Jeopardizing Major China Debut on 'The Singer 2024'

Charlie Puth Faces Massive Backlash for Pro-Israel Stance, Jeopardizing Major China Debut on 'The Singer 2024'

Xiaoling Qian
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Charlie Puth Faces Backlash for Supporting Israel, Might Miss the Largest Debut in China

Charlie Puth is facing significant backlash for his pro-Israel stance, resulting in the closure of his X (Twitter) account and potential jeopardy of his planned debut on China's popular singing contest show, "The Singer 2024." This controversy has sparked a debate among fans and industry professionals, with contrasting receptions for Puth and fellow artist Adam Lambert, who has received positive feedback for his more neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine issue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Charlie Puth, a known supporter of Israel, is facing severe backlash from netizens, particularly in China.
  • The controversy has led to the deactivation of his X (Twitter) account and uncertainty regarding his participation in "The Singer 2024."
  • Adam Lambert, who has also appeared on the show, received a positive reception by expressing a more balanced view on the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • The backlash against Puth extends to his involvement in other projects, including collaborations with K-pop group Stray Kids.


Charlie Puth has been an outspoken supporter of Israel since at least 2015. His stance is influenced by personal connections, including his sister and friends like Asaf Rodeh, his music director who served in the Israeli military. Puth has shared posts from other pro-Israel celebrities such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Noah Schnapp, indicating his alignment with their views. His record label, Atlantic Records, has also shown solidarity with Israel, particularly during conflicts with Hamas. In 2023, Puth reposted a message by Ben Platt denouncing Hamas and those justifying antisemitism under the guise of supporting Palestinian rights. This support has led to widespread criticism, with accusations of being a Zionist and Islamophobic.

The backlash intensified when Chinese netizens discovered Puth's pro-Israel stance, leading to calls for boycotts and questions about his inclusion in "The Singer 2024." The show's producers are now reconsidering his participation, reflecting the sensitivity of international political views in global entertainment. This backlash is further fueled by fans of the K-pop group Stray Kids, who are boycotting their new song "Lose My Breath" featuring Charlie Puth. A tweet calling for a boycott of the song due to Puth's involvement has garnered over 5 million views, showing the extent of the backlash.

In contrast, Adam Lambert's appearance on the show was well-received. Lambert, a Jewish American, expressed sorrow over the conflict but did not align himself explicitly with Israel. His neutral stance resonated better with the audience, highlighting the importance of balanced perspectives in such contentious issues. Lambert stated, "As a fellow Jew, I echo these sentiments. This is a very tricky time to try and sort thru the extensive propaganda on both sides of this tragic situation, but I think an objective truth has become clear. The only SIDES here are Terror vs Peace."

Did You Know?

"The Singer 2024" is one of China's most popular singing contests, boasting over 40 billion views globally. The show's fifth season includes notable artists like Chanté Moore, Faouzia Ouihya, and others from the Greater China region and beyond. The program has transitioned to live broadcasts, enhancing its appeal and audience engagement. This platform could have been a significant opportunity for Charlie Puth to expand his fanbase in China, making the current backlash particularly impactful on his career prospects. The show is produced by Hunan TV and Mango TV and is known for its high production values and star-studded line-up.

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