Chile's Economic Growth Projection Upgraded to 2.7%

Chile's Economic Growth Projection Upgraded to 2.7%

Matías Sánchez
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Chile Forecasts 2.7% Economic Growth and Higher Copper Prices in 2024

Chile's government has revised its economic growth projection for 2024, now expecting a 2.7% expansion compared to the previous forecast of 2.5%. This optimistic outlook is bolstered by the anticipation of copper prices averaging $4.20 per pound for the year, representing a significant increase from the earlier prediction of $3.84. The projection suggests a sustained upward trend, with copper prices stabilizing at these elevated levels through 2028.

Key Takeaways

  • Chile's government upgrades 2022 economic growth forecast to 2.7% from 2.5%
  • The announcement was made by Finance Minister Mario Marcel in the Senate
  • Chile anticipates higher copper prices, with a projected average of $4.20 per pound in 2024
  • The forecast indicates that copper prices will remain steady until 2028
  • Optimism grows as Chile recovers from a year of stagnation


The upturn in Chile's economic growth, driven by the surge in copper prices, is set to positively impact the country's primary export sector, mining companies, and government revenue. Additionally, the increase in copper prices to $4.20 per pound will benefit associated industries such as suppliers and logistics. Over the long term, Chile's stable economic growth is likely to attract foreign investment and foster technological advancements in the mining sector. However, the inherent risks associated with fluctuating commodity prices necessitate diversification of the economy and a push for growth in other sectors to ensure balanced development.

Did You Know?

  • Chile's economic growth projection: This refers to the expected expansion of Chile's economy in 2024. The government's revised forecast of 2.7% growth, up from the initial 2.5%, indicates an optimistic outlook, potentially driven by increased consumer spending, business investment, or export growth.
  • Finance Minister Mario Marcel: As Chile's Finance Minister, Marcel plays a crucial role in managing the country's financial and economic policies. His announcement of the economic growth projection revision in the Senate underscores the significance of this development and the government's confidence in Chile's economic future.
  • Copper prices and Chile's primary export: As the world's leading copper producer, Chile's economy is heavily reliant on copper. The forecasted copper prices of $4.20 per pound for 2024, as opposed to the earlier projection of $3.84, indicate sustained demand for copper in the global market, benefiting Chile's economy. Moreover, the anticipation of stabilized copper prices through 2028 signals a positive long-term outlook for Chile's economy.

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