China's Cryptocurrency Stance Softens, Bybit Initiates User Registration

China's Cryptocurrency Stance Softens, Bybit Initiates User Registration

Luca Zhang
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China's Cryptocurrency Stand Signals Potential Market Impact

China's stance on cryptocurrency may be evolving, as the major exchange Bybit has reportedly resumed registering and authenticating users from the country, despite the official ban still in place. This development has ignited speculation among crypto enthusiasts, with influential commentator Cyclops on X foreseeing a substantial market impact if China officially re-allows Bitcoin. China's historical trajectory with crypto involves initial toleration followed by stringent bans, including a complete mining prohibition in 2021. This crackdown prompted a significant migration of crypto operations to the USA and Central Asia. Despite the legal risks, China's crypto community remains active, hopeful for a policy shift that could legalize crypto activities, possibly through investment avenues in Hong Kong, where crypto is already permitted.

Key Takeaways

  • China's potential move towards allowing cryptocurrency ownership, highlighted by Bybit's resumption of registration for Chinese users.
  • Influencer Cyclops anticipates a considerable crypto value appreciation if China lifts its ban.
  • China retains a resilient underground crypto community eagerly anticipating policy changes.
  • A potential policy shift could involve mainland Chinese investing in crypto through Hong Kong-based ETFs and exchanges.
  • China's crypto history encompasses a decade of tolerance followed by a crackdown starting in 2017.


A potential softening of China's stance on cryptocurrency could wield a significant impact on global markets, given its historical sway. Bybit's decision to re-register Chinese users, despite the ban, intimates a potential policy adjustment, conceivably through Hong Kong-based investment platforms. This could spur a surge in crypto values, as prognosticated by influencer Cyclops. Ongoing activity within China's crypto community and the economic prospects associated with legalizing crypto are direct contributing factors. Short-term ramifications could encompass heightened volatility and trading volumes, while long-term implications may reshape global crypto markets, potentially re-establishing China's dominance. Financial instruments such as ETFs and exchanges in Hong Kong might stand to gain, while the USA and Central Asia might experience a diminution in their crypto predominance.

Did You Know?

  • Bybit: A prominent cryptocurrency exchange renowned for its sophisticated trading platforms and tools, offering users the ability to trade various cryptocurrencies, distinguished for its user-friendly interface and robust security measures.
  • Cyclops: A well-regarded commentator and influencer in the cryptocurrency sphere, recognized for his insights and predictions concerning market trends and regulatory impacts on crypto assets.
  • Hong Kong-based ETFs and exchanges: Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) based in Hong Kong that could potentially provide a legal channel for mainland Chinese investors to engage in the cryptocurrency market, leveraging Hong Kong's more permissive regulatory environment regarding crypto assets.

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