China's Strategic Plan to Boost Tech Financial Services

China's Strategic Plan to Boost Tech Financial Services

Takahiro Nakamura
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China's New Plan to Boost Technology-Focused Financial Services

China's People's Bank, along with the Ministry of Science and Technology and five other governmental departments, have jointly released a comprehensive plan aimed at enhancing the capabilities of financial institutions to provide technology-focused financial services. The plan emphasizes the need to strengthen the professional abilities of financial services, support the banking industry in creating specialized organizational structures and risk control mechanisms, and enhance internal systems such as performance assessment and due diligence. This move is intended to provide a complete lifecycle of financial services to innovative entities, precisely support major national technology missions, the development of technology-oriented enterprises, and the strategic layout of emerging industries.

Key Takeaways

  • Seven departments are collaborating to propel technology-focused financial services, backing the banking industry in establishing specialized organizational structures and risk control mechanisms.
  • The "work plan" underscores the need to strengthen the professional abilities of financial services, improve performance assessment and due diligence systems.
  • The policy aims to provide a full lifecycle of financial services for innovative entities, offering precise support for major national technology missions and the development of technology-oriented enterprises.
  • It also intends to drive the strategic layout of emerging industries and future industries, as well as the technological transformation of traditional industries.


The collaborative efforts of seven Chinese government departments to propel technological and financial reforms are expected to accelerate the restructuring of the banking industry and enhance risk management efficiency. In the short term, the banking industry will need to invest resources in building a technological financial system, which could potentially impact profit margins. However, in the long run, this initiative will strengthen financial support for technological innovation and promote the development of technology-oriented enterprises and strategic emerging industries, leading to an enhancement of the country's competitiveness. Financial markets and investors will benefit from more specialized financial services, while traditional industries will also undergo a technological transformation, resulting in rejuvenation.

Did You Know?

  • Specialized Organizational Structures and Risk Control Mechanisms in Technology-Focused Financial Services
    • Explanation: Specialized organizational structures in technology-focused financial services refer to the internal architecture specifically designed by banks to cater to the unique requirements of technology-focused financial businesses. These structures include dedicated departments, teams, and processes aimed at more effectively serving technological innovation and technology-oriented enterprises. Risk control mechanisms, on the other hand, refer to a series of risk assessment, monitoring, and management measures established by banks to prevent risks while providing technology-focused financial services, ensuring the stability and security of financial services.
  • Full Lifecycle of Financial Services
    • Explanation: A full lifecycle of financial services encompasses the entire process from the research and development, incubation, growth to maturity of technology projects, involving diverse services such as financing, consulting, and management. Furthermore, a full lifecycle of financial services emphasizes providing continuous financial support and services from the establishment, growth, expansion to exit of enterprises, ensuring that businesses receive necessary financial resources at different stages of their development.
  • Due Diligence System
    • Explanation: The due diligence system is an internal management mechanism aimed at encouraging bank employees to actively engage in technology-focused financial services while adhering to legal regulations and internal requirements. Even if certain operations do not achieve the expected results, as long as employees fulfill their due diligence responsibilities and duties with reasonable care, they can be exempted or have their liabilities reduced, thereby reducing their psychological burdens in innovative services and promoting the innovation and development of technology-focused financial services.

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