Chinese and French Presidents Condemn Israeli Attacks on Palestine

Chinese and French Presidents Condemn Israeli Attacks on Palestine

Jacques Leclerc
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Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron Condemn Israeli Attacks on Palestine

In a joint declaration following a state visit to France, Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron have condemned Israeli attacks on Palestine, urging the implementation of the "two-state solution." They emphasized the importance of maintaining navigational freedom in the Red Sea and the Aden Gulf, calling for an immediate end to attacks on civilian vessels to ensure maritime safety, global trade, and to prevent regional tensions, humanitarian, and environmental risks. Both leaders are committed to finding constructive solutions in line with international law to address international security and stability challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Xi Jinping and Macron denounce Israel's attacks on Palestine and stress the importance of protecting civilians under international humanitarian law.
  • They emphasize the need for maintaining navigation freedom in the Red Sea and the Aden Gulf.
  • Both leaders commit to constructive solutions for international security and stability challenges based on international law.
  • They denounce all acts violating international humanitarian law and reaffirm the absolute necessity of protecting Gaza civilians based on international humanitarian law.


The joint declaration by Xi Jinping and Macron may impact the relationships between China, France, and Israel, and could also affect Israel's relations with the international community, including the UN Security Council. The call for a "two-state solution" challenges the status quo and could lead to political instability in the region. The emphasis on navigational freedom in the Red Sea and Aden Gulf impacts global trade and maritime security. This could lead to potential shifts in international alliances and power dynamics, positioning China and France as defenders of international law. The condemnation of forced displacement and indiscriminate attacks on civilians affects humanitarian organizations operating in the region, who may face increased challenges in providing aid.

Did You Know?

  • Two-state solution: This proposed solution involves the creation of separate states for Israel and Palestine to ensure self-determination and security, although its feasibility and details remain contentious.
  • Red Sea and Aden Gulf navigation freedom: This principle allows ships to pass through territorial seas, and its emphasis by China and France reflects their interest in preserving maritime trade and ensuring regional stability.
  • International humanitarian law: This governs the conduct of parties during armed conflicts, with a focus on minimizing civilian suffering and protecting prisoners of war and the environment.

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