Former Chinese Geological Official Arrested for Corruption and Leaking State Secrets

Former Chinese Geological Official Arrested for Corruption and Leaking State Secrets

Ming Liu
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Former Chinese Geological Official Arrested for Corruption and Leaking State Secrets

Chinese geologist Zhong Ziran, the former secretary of the Party Committee and director of the China Geological Survey, has been arrested by the Supreme People's Procuratorate on charges of bribery and deliberately leaking state secrets. Before his arrest, Zhong was expelled from the Communist Party and referred to judicial authorities.

An official report alleges that Zhong Ziran:

  • Lost his ideals and beliefs
  • Obstructed organizational reviews
  • Engaged in superstitious activities
  • Improperly accepted gifts and money
  • Failed to truthfully report personal matters
  • Used his position to benefit others in hiring and promotions
  • Abused his office for personal financial gain in business operations, project contracts, and mineral rights approvals
  • Deliberately disclosed state secrets

These actions are serious violations of party regulations and national laws.

Key Takeaways

  • Zhong Ziran has been arrested for bribery and leaking state secrets.
  • Allegations of abusing public office include using geological surveys and mineral rights for personal gain.
  • Involvement in immoral behavior and engaging in corrupt activities.
  • Obstructing organizational review and engaging in superstitious activities.
  • Illegally accepting substantial assets by using his position for personal gains in business operations, project contracts, and mineral rights approval.


Zhong Ziran's arrest reveals significant internal corruption within the China Geological Survey, damaging its credibility and operational efficiency. In the short term, this may lead to increased internal scrutiny, while in the long term, it could result in stricter regulations and transparency reforms. Businesses and officials implicated may face legal consequences, affecting their reputations and careers. Financial markets could see related stocks and investment projects suffer, reducing investor confidence. Overall, this case highlights the importance of the anti-corruption campaign and serves as a warning against corrupt practices.

Did You Know?

  • Bribery and Leaking State Secrets
    • Bribery: The illegal acceptance of assets by public officials to benefit others using their official position. In China, bribery is a serious crime with severe legal consequences.
    • Leaking State Secrets: The intentional disclosure of sensitive information by individuals or organizations, endangering national security. State secrets typically involve national security, diplomacy, and defense, and leaking such information is a serious offense.
  • Abusing Public Office
    • Abusing Public Office: When public officials use their authority and resources for personal gain or to benefit others improperly. In Zhong Ziran's case, he is accused of using his position in geological surveys and mineral development for personal profit, which is a serious violation of ethical and legal standards.
  • Obstructing Organizational Review
    • Obstructing Organizational Review: Actions taken by individuals or organizations to hinder, conceal, or disrupt review processes during internal or external scrutiny. Zhong Ziran's obstruction of organizational review indicates non-cooperation during disciplinary inspections, which is a grave violation of party discipline and national laws.

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