China Today: Xi Jinping Stresses Employment; Guangzhou Housing Market Decline Continues

China Today: Xi Jinping Stresses Employment; Guangzhou Housing Market Decline Continues

Hua Zhang
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Chinese Economy Update: President Xi Jinping Emphasizes High-Quality Employment and Guangzhou Eases Housing Market Controls

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently emphasized the importance of promoting high-quality employment and achieving full employment. This marks a shift towards prioritizing economic stability and household affordability. Additionally, Guangzhou, a first-tier city in China, has implemented significant policy changes aimed at easing housing market controls.

Key Takeaways

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasizes promoting high-quality and full employment, reflecting a people-centered development philosophy.
  • Guangzhou, a leading city in housing market controls, eases restrictions with six measures focusing on land and housing supply optimization, housing loan policies, and public housing construction.


President Xi's emphasis on high-quality employment and Guangzhou's housing market easing signal a shift towards prioritizing economic stability and household affordability. These measures aim to positively impact Chinese citizens, especially those facing housing affordability challenges. Furthermore, tightened IPO approval standards and crackdowns on financial misconduct demonstrate China's efforts to promote transparency and accountability in its financial sector, influencing domestic and international investors. BYD's release of fifth-generation DM technology and new models highlights China's advancements in the electric vehicle market, solidifying its global automotive industry presence.

Did You Know?

  • High-Quality and Full Employment: President Xi Jinping's focus on high-quality employment aims to provide better job opportunities with higher wages, improved working conditions, and more skilled work. Full employment seeks to minimize unemployment and underemployment, ensuring that as many people as possible who want to work can find jobs.
  • Guangzhou's Housing Market Policy Changes: The city has eased housing market controls by implementing six measures, aiming to stabilize and stimulate the housing market in response to the continuous decline in house prices.
  • Financial Regulatory Support for Real Estate Projects: The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission encourages reasonable financing for real estate projects to ensure the financial stability of the real estate sector and address housing affordability issues in the Chinese market.

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