Choice Hotels Embraces Cloud Shift to Boost AI Capabilities

Alina Benoit
1 min read

Choice Hotels' Chief Information Officer, Brian Kirkland, led the company's strategic move to Amazon Web Services, marking the closure of its physical data center. This five-year shift involved migrating 3,700 servers and updating 300 software programs to enhance data center efficiency. The transition has empowered the company to exploit the speed and flexibility of the cloud to elevate its artificial intelligence endeavors and enhance customer and franchisee experiences across its vast portfolio. Kirkland emphasized the critical need to anticipate and adapt to future industry demands, highlighting the indispensable role of real-time data in shaping competitive advantages. The enhanced agility and transformative value delivery stemming from this transition have sparked notable improvements, such as accelerated software deployment and the launch of ChoiceMAX, a machine learning-driven revenue management system. Furthermore, the company's technological evolution has not only redefined employee skill sets and roles but also democratized data science capabilities across the organization. Choice Hotels' collaboration with cloud giant AWS has led to exploratory trials of advanced AI tools and platforms. Kirkland's relentless focus on scaling new AI use cases and leveraging data insights manifests the company's unwavering commitment to continuous advancement. Thus, Choice Hotels stands at the pinnacle of technological prowess, driven by a steadfast pursuit of innovation and growth.

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