CityMD Settles Covid-19 Fraud Case for $12.04M

CityMD Settles Covid-19 Fraud Case for $12.04M

Takumi Nakamura
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CityMD Settles $12.04 Million Covid-19 Fraud Allegations

In a significant legal development, CityMD, a prominent urgent care provider with backing from Walgreens, has reached a settlement to pay $12.04 million to resolve allegations of Covid-19 fraud. The Department of Justice has accused CityMD of fraudulently obtaining government reimbursements for Covid-19 tests by submitting false claims to a program meant for uninsured patients, despite many patients actually having insurance. The case was initiated under the False Claims Act by Stephen Kitzinger, a CityMD patient, who has been awarded over $2 million for his whistleblowing. Although CityMD denies the allegations, it chose to settle to avoid the costs and complexities of prolonged litigation, maintaining its commitment to providing quality healthcare during the pandemic.

Key Takeaways

  • CityMD is to pay $12.04 million to settle Covid-19 fraud allegations.
  • The fraud involved submitting false claims for uninsured Covid-19 tests, despite patients having insurance.
  • The case was brought under the False Claims Act, incentivizing whistleblowers.
  • Whistleblower Stephen Kitzinger will receive over $2 million from the settlement.
  • CityMD denies the allegations but settles to avoid prolonged litigation costs.


The $12.04 million settlement by CityMD, backed by Walgreens, underscores the financial and reputational risks for healthcare providers misusing government funds, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. This case, driven by a whistleblower under the False Claims Act, emphasizes the potential for significant financial repercussions and legal complexities. Short-term impacts include financial penalties and potential reputational damage, while long-term consequences may involve stricter regulatory scrutiny and increased whistleblower activity in the healthcare sector. This incident could lead to a more cautious approach by healthcare providers in claiming government reimbursements, affecting operational efficiency and potentially impacting patient care.

Did You Know?

  • False Claims Act: A federal law imposing liability on persons and companies defrauding governmental programs, typically encouraging private individuals to sue on behalf of the government and share in any recovery. In this case, it was used to prosecute CityMD for allegedly submitting false claims for Covid-19 tests.
  • Whistleblower: An individual who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest, or illegal activity occurring in an organization. Stephen Kitzinger exposed alleged fraud by CityMD, leading to legal action under the False Claims Act. Whistleblowers can receive a portion of recovered funds as a reward for their role in uncovering fraud.
  • Urgent Care Provider: A healthcare facility providing ambulatory care in a dedicated medical facility outside of a traditional hospital-based or freestanding emergency department. Urgent care centers primarily treat injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care but not serious enough to require an emergency department visit. CityMD is an example of such a provider, often backed by larger healthcare entities like Walgreens.

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