Codina Partners Receives Approval for Westland Plaza Project in Hialeah

Codina Partners Receives Approval for Westland Plaza Project in Hialeah

Luisa Hernandez
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Codina Partners and Joint Venture Granted Initial Approval to Redevelop Former Sears Store in Hialeah

In a significant development, Codina Partners and its joint venture have obtained initial approval to transform a former Sears store and its surrounding area into Westland Plaza, a dynamic mixed-use complex in Hialeah. This $16.5 million project is set to encompass 815 apartments, 15 townhomes, commercial space, and over 1,500 parking spaces, representing a strategic response to the evolving retail landscape and an endeavor to revitalize struggling malls by adapting them into mixed-use developments.

Key Takeaways

  • Codina Partners-led joint venture receives initial approval to transform a former Sears into Westland Plaza, a mixed-use complex with 815 apartments, 15 townhomes, and commercial space in Hialeah.
  • The project, valued at $16.5 million, includes two parking garages and will revitalize a 15-acre site with over 1,500 parking spaces.
  • Westland Plaza is an example of a growing trend to convert mall spaces into mixed-use developments as retail sectors struggle with online shopping growth.
  • The partnership between Codina Partners and Centennial, the owner of Westland Mall, highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in urban redevelopment projects.
  • Mixed-use developments like Westland Plaza are seen as a sustainable solution for revitalizing struggling indoor malls, catering to modern community needs.


The conversion of a former Sears store into a mixed-use complex, Westland Plaza, underscores a strategic response to the shifting retail landscape and the rise of online shopping. This $16.5 million project, led by Codina Partners and Centennial, is poised to significantly impact Hialeah's urban development by providing opportunities for 815 apartments, 15 townhomes, commercial space, and over 1,500 parking spaces.

This development is anticipated to create local job opportunities and attract businesses to the commercial spaces in the short term. Moreover, in the long run, it is expected to lead to increased property values, draw in new residents, and potentially elevate the local economy. Furthermore, this transformation could serve as a catalyst for other property owners and developers across the US, creating a ripple effect in urban redevelopment.

Municipalities stand to benefit from increased tax revenues, while local residents and businesses may enjoy the revitalized area's offerings. However, potential challenges such as gentrification and increased traffic need to be addressed. Overall, this announcement signifies a significant milestone in urban redevelopment, emphasizing the importance of strategic partnerships and adaptive reuse of underperforming retail spaces.

Did You Know?

  • Mixed-use developments: These are complexes that combine different land uses, such as residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment, in a single project. They aim to create vibrant and sustainable communities by promoting walkability, reducing transportation needs, and enhancing the quality of life.

  • Struggling malls: Many traditional shopping malls have been facing challenges due to the growth of online shopping and changing consumer preferences. As a result, mall owners are looking for innovative ways to repurpose and revitalize their properties to remain relevant and competitive.

  • Codina Partners: A real estate development firm specializing in creating large-scale, mixed-use communities in Florida. They focus on building projects that enhance the urban landscape, promote sustainability, and foster economic growth. Centennial is the owner of Westland Mall, partnering with Codina Partners in this project.

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