Coinbase Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

Coinbase Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

Hiroshi Takahashi
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Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Coinbase Over Unregistered Securities

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Coinbase, the popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange, by a group of investors in the Northern District of California. Allegations include selling unregistered securities and operating as an unlicensed broker-dealer, with the lawsuit listing several tokens such as Algorand, Near Protocol, Polygon, Uniswap, and Solana as digital securities. If found guilty, Coinbase could face significant penalties and damages, setting an important precedent for cryptocurrency regulation in the United States. The lawsuit poses a significant challenge and could impact Coinbase's future.

Key Takeaways

  • Coinbase faces a class-action lawsuit for offering and selling unregistered securities.
  • Allegations include operating as an unlicensed broker-dealer, offering various digital assets considered securities under California law.
  • Tokens listed in the lawsuit include ALGO, NEAR, MATIC, UNI, SOL, and others.
  • Lawsuit seeks full rescission of digital asset transactions, injunctive relief, and statutory damages which could have significant repercussions.
  • The lawsuit represents a significant challenge for Coinbase, potentially impacting its future.


The class-action lawsuit against Coinbase has potential far-reaching consequences for the cryptocurrency exchange and the broader industry. If found guilty, Coinbase may face significant penalties and damages, potentially impacting its future. The case may also set a crucial precedent for US cryptocurrency regulation, affecting other exchanges and digital asset providers. This highlights the need for clearer regulations and definitions of digital assets, fostering healthier growth and innovation in the crypto space.

Did You Know?

  • Class-action lawsuit against Coinbase: A type of lawsuit where one or several plaintiffs sue on behalf of a larger group of people who have suffered similar injuries or damages. In this case, a group of investors is suing Coinbase, alleging that the cryptocurrency exchange sold unregistered securities and operated as an unlicensed broker-dealer.
  • Digital securities: Also known as security tokens, these represent an investment in a common enterprise with the expectation of profits derived from the efforts of others.
  • Unlicensed broker-dealer: The lawsuit alleges that Coinbase operated as an unlicensed broker-dealer, offering and selling securities without proper registration and authorization.

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