Colorado Startup's Ambitious Plan to Revolutionize Wind Energy

Hiroshi Tanaka
1 min read

Radia, a Colorado-based startup, is on a mission to build the world's largest cargo plane, named the WindRunner, to address logistical challenges in the wind energy sector. The company, founded in 2016 by rocket scientist Mark Lundstrom, seeks to revolutionize wind energy by facilitating the transportation of oversized wind turbine blades. These blades, crucial for harnessing more energy from faster wind speeds at high altitudes, currently face significant logistical hurdles due to their large size. Radia's ambitious goal is to construct a 356 feet long plane with a wingspan of 261 feet and a height of 79 feet. This plane, with its massive cargo capacity, is designed to enable the transportation of wind turbine blades that are over 300 feet long. Radia's innovative approach has the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency and profitability of onshore wind turbines, with a projected increase in the industry's internal rate of return. By addressing the current logistics challenges associated with transporting oversized wind turbine blades, Radia's WindRunner could drive a considerable shift towards more sustainable and efficient wind energy solutions.

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