Congress' Stock Trading App Attracts $100M Investments

Luisa Marquez
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Despite public opposition to congressional stock trading, an app enabling users to replicate Congress members' and prominent investors' trades has surpassed $100 million in investments. This success has reignited discussions on the ethical implications of congressional stock trading. Launched in January 2023, the Autopilot app utilizes trading data filed by Congress members and allows users to emulate their trades, as well as those of notable hedge fund managers. The app's swift ascent past the $100 million milestone, with over $55 million emulating congressionally filed trades, is raising concerns about the impact of such practices. Concerns also surround the value surge in reported trades, such as Nancy Pelosi's increasing by 45% in 2023 and Dan Crenshaw's by 41%. However, the app limits users to mimicking trades of specific legislators, including Pelosi and Crenshaw, while also providing an amalgam of stocks from top-achieving politician traders in 2022.The controversy further escalates as congressional offices declined comments on the matter; a spokesperson for Crenshaw's office highlighted his minimal market investments, while Pelosi's office did not respond. The broader debate on congressional stock trading continues to intensify, as politicians' positions on the matter undergo stark shifts and legislative efforts to ban the practice face significant obstacles. The Autopilot app's pivotal role in reigniting this ongoing conversation has sparked widespread attention. Notably, its considerable success has prompted renewed discussions on the ethical implications of allowing members of Congress to engage in stock trading. As debates persist, the app's cofounders remain resolute in their hope that its success will urge Congress to prohibit its members from participating in the stock market, advocating for financial accountability and ethical governance.

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