Crypto Airdrops Gain Traction as eBTC, Dyson Finance, and Kinetix Lead the Way

Crypto Airdrops Gain Traction as eBTC, Dyson Finance, and Kinetix Lead the Way

Lena Kovaleva
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Crypto Airdrops Gain Traction as eBTC, Dyson Finance, and Kinetix Lead the Way

In the volatile crypto market, savvy investors are turning to airdrops as a promising strategy, with eBTC, Dyson Finance, and Kinetix leading the charge this June. eBTC is running its "Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin" campaign in collaboration with Lido, offering rewards in stETH for borrowing eBTC, with Round 3 currently underway. Dyson Finance is distributing Oath of Authenticity Tokens (OAT) ahead of its launch on the Linea blockchain, requiring users to engage on social media and join community platforms to qualify. Meanwhile, Kinetix has launched "Perps Week," where users can earn OATs and a share of a $4,500 prize pool by completing tasks on their platform, enhancing user engagement and platform visibility. These airdrops not only distribute free tokens but also foster vibrant crypto communities, making them a strategic move for both investors and platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto investors focus on airdrops for new token acquisitions and community engagement.
  • eBTC's "Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin" campaign offers rewards with 11 stETH available until June 23.
  • Dyson Finance distributes Oath of Authenticity Tokens (OAT) to engage users before its full launch on Linea blockchain.
  • Kinetix's "Perps Week" campaign rewards users with OATs and a share of a $4,500 prize pool for completing platform tasks.
  • Airdrops by eBTC, Dyson Finance, and Kinetix aim to expand user bases and promote active community participation.


In the crypto market, airdrops by eBTC, Dyson Finance, and Kinetix are leveraging strategic incentives to attract and engage users. These initiatives, including eBTC's borrowing rewards, Dyson's pre-launch OAT distribution, and Kinetix's task-based rewards, aim to expand user bases and enhance community participation. Short-term, these airdrops boost platform visibility and user acquisition, while long-term, they could lead to increased market stability and investor confidence. For investors, these airdrops offer potential for early token gains and community influence, impacting their investment strategies and portfolio diversification.

Did You Know?

  • Airdrops: A marketing strategy used in the cryptocurrency space where tokens are distributed for free to the community members to promote awareness and adoption. This method helps projects gain visibility, attract new users, and reward existing supporters.
  • stETH (staked Ethereum): A tokenized form of Ethereum that represents Ether that has been staked on the Ethereum 2.0 network. It allows users to earn staking rewards without the need to lock up their assets or maintain the underlying infrastructure.
  • Oath of Authenticity Tokens (OAT): Special tokens issued by blockchain projects to certify certain activities or engagements by users, often used to verify participation in events or contributions to the community. These tokens can serve as digital collectibles and enhance user interaction with the platform.

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